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12761-6969-150503-iPad_Pro-lThe latest rumour regarding the larger-screened iPad Pro is that the 12.9-inch tablet will feature a Bluetooth stylus, Force Touch, NFC, as well as a USB-C connector. Evidently, all that space allows for a few more features here and there — with iPad battery life being leaps and bounds ahead of anything else, it’s no wonder Apple might be adding a couple of extra features.

Apple is pushing record labels to convince free music streaming services such as Spotify to abandon its free streaming tiers, ahead of the company’s own launch. The move has garnered some scrutiny from the US Department of Justice, who have been interviewing high-ranking music industry execs as a potential leads.

We haven’t heard of many companies planning to make HomeKit-compatible accessories, but GE are planning to start by making their series of intelligent LED lightbulbs HomeKit-compatible. GE’s LED bulbs will control the output of blue light, therefore providing a better night’s sleep.

Following Google’s announcement that older devices would no longer be supported by a deprecated YouTube API, the YouTube app on the second-generation Apple TV has disappeared overnight. While things are mysteriously added to the Apple TV interface (often channels that offer limited utility outside of the US), this is the first time I’ve heard of things being automatically removed. The third-gen Apple TV is unaffected by this change.

Macworld checks out Metadatics, an app to clean up the tags on your music files. Kirk McElhearn says it does a better job than iTunes of editing your track metadata.

Ars Technica has a review of the Apple Watch, a completely optional accessory that works with your iPhone. It’s nice and all, but like they say, not completely necessary like a good smartphone or tablet is.

9to5Mac tells us how to calibrate the Apple Watch, in order to improve the accuracy of calorie, distance, and other fitness-related data.

There’s a secret six-pin diagnostics and communication port on the Apple Watch that’s been covered with a metal panel on the production units. Band and accessory makers speculate it could be used for charging purposes, but 9to5Mac says it’s probably a good thing that it stays under wraps for now — while it makes troubleshooting issues with the Apple Watch a little harder, it’s probably more trouble than its worth, from Apple’s perspective.

IMore has a little collection of some third-party Apple Watch bands. There’s no word on whether Apple will roll out an official certified accessory program for the Apple Watch, but that hasn’t stopped a few manufacturers from taking the gamble.

Business Insider spent a week with the watch and they say the number one thing about the Apple Watch is that people are forgetting it’s a watch. While that’s true, in fairness Apple has sold the Apple Watch as something that does so much more — so when it doesn’t, we’re all disappointed like we expected it to be some kind of magical gadget that can solve all of our problems, instead of the downright incredible computer on our wrist that it is.

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  1. I’m interested to see if this iPad Pro comes to fruition. The Surface Pro 3 and the upcoming Windows 10 have impressed many, so I’m keen to see how Apple responds.

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