Thursday Morning News

Carbo iconMark your calendars, because Apple has confirmed the date for the WWDC 2015 Keynote. All the action will take place on June 8, which means an earlier than usual wakeup for most of you on the morning of June 9. Apple has also updated its WWDC app to include Apple Watch support, seeing as that would have been kind of embarrassing if their own app didn’t support the Apple Watch.

Apple has also confirmed to Re/code that we’ll be seeing a native version of the Apple Watch SDK next month, which will allow developers to create apps that run natively on the watch, instead of being extensions of their iPhone counterparts. Direct access to the sensors in the Apple Watch will be one of the features of the upcoming SDK, which should be great news for fitness enthusiasts.

Speaking to Re/Code, Apple VP of Operations Jeff Williams has confirmed Apple Watch sales are fantastic, but declined to specify exactly by what metric, instead only saying Apple’s customers love the product more than he expected.

Williams also teased cars as a possible new product category for Apple, which is about as far-fetched as it gets – but when it comes from an Apple exec, you have to wonder what’s going on behind closed doors at One Infinite Loop.

9to5Mac says Apple has been developing a Google Now competitor. Named “Proactive” for now, the virtual assistant ties into Siri, Contacts, Calendar, Passbook, and third-party apps to create a smarter assistant that knows everything about you. It’ll be interesting to see if this works as advertised, as even though Google Now can be kind of creepy, there’s no denying it’s also kinda useful, too.

There’s a bug crashes iPhones when you send a text message to them, and Apple has confirmed they’re working on a fix. In the meantime, Macworld’s temporary fix is to send yourself a message as a reply to the series of characters that causes the crash in the first place.

Apple is now doing same-day delivery via the Apple Store app, but only in the US where the Postmates service operates, whatever that is.

The latest version of Skype doesn’t respect its own audio settings, instead choosing to use the same audio settings as currently used by OS X.

Carbo looks like a great app for bridging the gap between physical and digital notes: by capturing an editable image of your note and storing it in an efficient file format. Carbo is currently on launch pricing of $4.99 on the Australian App Store.

I’m still pretty confused about the whole discoveryd vs mDNSResponder situation. Apple initially introduced discoveryd as the successor to mDNSResponder, and even though we though it was required for AirDrop and Continuity features, switching out discoveryd with mDNSResponder in earlier versions of 10.10 didn’t break those features in any meaningful way. Now that they’ve switched back (and it seems killed off discoveryd, at least for the time being), I’m starting to wonder why they made the switch in the first place.

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