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lightning_dock_rearApple is seeking out deals for its streaming music service in farthest corners of the earth, with a report from Billboard claiming the company is establishing contact with Russian record labels. MacRumors has taken this to mean Apple is looking for a worldwide launch of its upcoming music streaming service, unlike Beats Music which is only available in the US or iTunes Radio, which is only available in the US and in Australia.

Ming-Chi Kuo writes in his latest note to investors that Apple Watch demand is starting to die down, with 5-6 million units expected to ship in the current quarter. He also says that the 42mm model represents over 80% of orders, saying that if the 42mm is the model preferred by men, then it’s fair to say more men are purchasing the Apple Watch than women.

One of the apps that may be coming with iOS 9 is Home, which is tied to Apple’s HomeKit push for connected home appliances that are able to be controlled from your smartphone. How the app works seems to suggest it’s more designed for the setup of said home appliances, instead of actually controlling them, but whatever it is, it sounds as though we’ll get another unremovable Apple app on our home screens.

With WWDC just weeks away, a new rumour claims Apple will be using a different font in iOS 9 and the next version of OS X. Taking cues from the Apple Watch, San Francisco will be the new font used across the board, even though OS X changed to Helvetica Neue just last year. If you’re not one for waiting, you can use San Fransisco as the system font in OS X Yosemite right now, and OS X Daily even shows you how.

On paper, the new MacBook with Retina display looks to be a pretty good machine. It’s got a great keyboard and great battery life, and the processor is powerful enough provided you’re not doing anything too serious. All that said and done, Marco Arment [doesn’t really like it]((without the compromises)), even after accepting its limitations — the keyboard isn’t suited to the amount of typing you’ll be doing on it, it’s noticeably slower for common tasks, and you can get almost every benefit (without the compromises) in a machine such as the 11-inch MacBook Air.

MacRumors has a review of the Apple Lightning dock. It’s not as stable as you might want your dock to be, but the non-recessed design does allow for easier Touch ID access when your device is docked on your desk. You can even dock larger items such as a iPad on it, although that’s not really recommended due to the size mismatch between the two items.

MacStories tells us about changes in Spotify, which has a new running mode that matches songs with your current running tempo.

Flow by Outlook is an upcoming app from Microsoft, who mistakenly leaked the app in a download page yesterday. It lets you chat with people, with the ability to continue conversations in Outlook.

Over at The Mac Observer, Kelly Guimont introduces us to Extensions in OS X Yosemite. Some allow you to have additional options in the Share menu in OS X, while others add options to the Finder or an item in the Today view in Notification Center.

Macworld tells us what to do when adware takes over our computer. But as we all know, prevention is the best cure, so they also have a few tips on staying safe on the internet. It’s a crazy world out there, people.

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