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modular-padCall it Apple’s revamped version of iTunes Radio, call it their brand-new streaming service, but whatever you’re calling it, Apple’s music-related thing will most likely be launched at the WWDC keynote on the 9th of June. In sharing details about the new streaming service, 9to5Mac also says they have very minor details about iOS 9 — redesigned Siri and new wallpaper being among them. But if reporting by The Verge is anything to go by, Apple is having a few problems inking last-minute streaming deals with the record companies.

The Apple Store iOS app says in-store pickup for the Apple Watch will be available soon, which in Apple terms is generally a couple of weeks. The option doesn’t appear to be live in the Australian Online Apple Store, so maybe this is a US-only thing for now, but no doubt it’ll come to our shores eventually.

Speculation from The Mac Observer in regards to the upcoming Apple TV revamp asks the question: will Apple be adding 4K support to its little streaming box? While 4K adoption hasn’t quite taken off, it’s definitely something that Apple should be thinking about — but even if they don’t add it this year, there’s always next year’s refresh. Or the year after that, or the year after that.

Apple has been sued for allegedly infringing on the streaming patents of interactive digital TV firm OpenTV. The patents, as described by AppleInsider, are related to the storage and delivery of digital content to personal electronic devices.

9to5Mac also gives us a look at Apple’s App Analytics, which gives developers insights into the kind of data only Apple collects: how many visits their app got in iTunes, what devices are using their apps, and that kind of thing.

Apple has released updates for Safari across three different versions of OS X, with OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, and Mountain Lion all getting updates to fix critical vulnerability exploits within WebKit.

Six Colors checks out the Modular watch face for the Apple Watch.

Craig Hockenberry writes about the fustercluck that is discoveryd, released as part of Yosemite and causing all kinds of network issues since. You can fix the issues by powering down things on your network and rebooting, but good luck doing that if you’ve got a moderately complex network (or don’t have access to the hardware, for that matter).

TouchArcade takes a look at how the accessibility features on iOS devices bring gaming experiences to the blind and vision-impaired.

An Apple support article tells us about Applebot, Apple’s web-crawling service.

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