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original2We don’t know much about Apple’s upcoming music streaming service, beyond a vague inkling that it might be based off an iTunes Radio and Beats Music hybrid, or that it might be released sometime around WWDC next month. A new report from Re/code is now saying Apple’s new music service will push paid subscriptions, luring in users via free samples. All it’s really lacking to be a true Spotify-competitor, then, is the ad-supported portion — you’ll likely be able to listen to some music, but how much, and for how long?

Speaking of WWDC, Apple has begun notifying those who have won one of the coveted WWDC 2015 Scholarships, which give access to the event without having to pay the standard $1,599 fee. AppleInsider says scholarship winners will attend a special orientation session and be given the chance to meet their fellow sponsorship winners.

Nike CEO Mark Parker has given us his thoughts on the Nike and Apple partnership so far. With Apple potentially encroaching on Nike’s territory with the health and fitness aspects of the Apple Watch, the CEO of Nike is still saying he’s excited about the potential the relationship still has.

Now that Apple Watch bands have started shipping separately from Apple Watch units, 9to5Mac gives us a look at how the Leather Loop and Sport Bands shipped separately from the Watch. There’s basically nothing you haven’t seen before, but it’s still nice to see the attention to detail Apple has, in that other bands won’t fit in the case designed for another.

MacRumors rounds up five of the most useful Apple Watch apps, with Workflow, Philips Hue, Things, Calcbot, and Clear all making the cut.

If you said developers would likely be re-thinking their Apple Watch apps once they had the hardware on their wrist, give yourself a pat on the back, because that’s exactly what’s happening. Marco Arment redesigned Overcast’s Apple Watch app, because a scaled-down version of the iPhone app’s structure sucked in actual usage, thanks to inconsistent load times with the WatchKit SDK.

Designers, take note: RightFont is a new tool for managing and finding fonts. It integrates with Photoshop and Sketch, and is currently available as a beta from the website.

Nintendo is planning to release five mobile games within the next two years. The first will be due out later this year, with the rest coming between now and March 2017. The move represents a new direction for the company, who has shied away from the mobile platforms — here’s hoping Nintendo will have what it takes to make a splash in a landscape filled with disposable titles.

And whilst Nintendo is planning to enter the mobile gaming scene, Sega is planning to leave it — at least for some of its titles, anyway. Sega says it will be removing some of its titles from the App Store, particularly those that don’t meet its high standards, or in other words, those have haven’t aged gracefully and no longer earn their keep.

The Imgix post on racking Mac Pros is pretty cool, if not from a technical standpoint, then from a lots-of-pretty-Apple-hardware one. Not only that, but the Mac Pros deliver impressive power and port utilisation stats, too.

Over at Medium, Petter Silfver is driven to madness by the Apple TV’s UI, and how it doesn’t tell you what time what you’re currently watching ends. Instead, you have to do a complex dance of pausing, looking at the playback indicator, figuring out the time difference, sacrificing a lemon under a full moon, and then pulling out your iPhone. Wouldn’t it be easier if the Apple TV just told you all this?

M.G. Siegler ranks the iPhones. He puts the iPhone 6 above the 6 Plus and saves the last spot for Australia’s first iPhone — I would likely have a different ranking, but differences are what makes the world interesting.

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