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Pinpoint iconA report from the New York Times claims Apple will launch a rewards program for Apple Pay at WWDC this year, but all I’m wondering is whether we’ll see the international launch of the mobile payments service. And not just in Canada or China, but in the good ol’ land of Oz, where we already have all the physical contactless payment infrastructure setup.

The curious correlation between Volkswagen and Apple ownership continues with Apple’s acquisition of Metaio. Metaio reportedly deals with augmented reality, and they were originally an offshoot from a project at the car manufacturer.

The latest 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display is the latest machine to support 5K displays, being the third Mac to be able to do so. It looks as though that graphics card switch from Nvidia to AMD was good for something, as the MacBook Pro also does true 4K at 4096×2160 at 60Hz.

A video has revealed you can charge the Apple Watch via the 6-pin diagnostics port, and what’s more, it charges even faster than via the standard induction charging method. Why Apple didn’t open this up is a question for another time.

Over at Six Colors, Dan Moren writes about his experience travelling with the Apple Watch. I’m hoping to get an Apple Watch before I go to the US later this year, not only so I can get the GST back, but so I can have something a little more useful than the activity-tracking features of my current Fitbit Charge.

Pixelmator for iPhone is now available, and the universal app is just $6.49 on the Australian App Store.

Marco Arment’s Bugshot tool has been reborn from the ashes as Pinpoint, and after reading the MacStories preview of the app, I can tell you that if you’ve ever looked for a Skitch for iOS alternative, then Pinpoint will be right up your alley, right down to the coloured arrows and white-outlined text annotations.

The Verge talks up the minimalist calendar app from Moleskine with companion Apple Watch app, saying TimePage gets rid the unnecessary to focus on what matters most in your calendar: your events and reminders.

Anyone can use Google’s Inbox app, with no invite required. In other Google news: the new Photos app from Google has unlimited photo syncing, and Cardboard now supports the iOS platform.

This weekend’s game recommendation goes to Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, which adds a new dimension to a classic. If you’re into flashy colours and truly hectic gameplay, this one’s for you. Also $6.49 on the Australian App Store.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    Actually we don’t just yet. ApplePay requires tokenised contactless payment to be supported, which Visa has only committed to launch in Australia “sometime in 2015”.

  2. I think Apple might have an uphill battle in Australia convincing our banks to hand a cut of every transaction to Apple. Consumer demand for it might be the only incentive the banks have.

  3. It’s probably to keep it as waterproof as possible.

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