Friday Morning News

Apple-Watch-DemoThe future of the iPad, as told by 9to5Mac, is one that has a mode to let you view two apps simultaneously. We’ve heard rumours about this dual-app viewing mode before, but it seems WWDC will be when this feature is released to the public, with 9to5Mac saying Apple originally intended to bring the feature to the iPad Air with iOS 8. And if all that wasn’t enough, the word is we’ll also be seeing the larger-screened iPads and even support for multiple users on the one iPad.

Apple is also planning to debut public transport options in Maps, pulling out all the stops and giving train and bus transit directions some prominence in iOS 9. According to reports, the company will also be pushing indoor maps, starting off by deploying robots to do the mapping side of things, like a small-scale Streetview, only without photos and within major buildings, offices, and landmarks.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will announce the next iPhone in August, with a launch following in September. The timeframe seems about right, but Apple has done earlier and later launches by a couple of weeks either way, so an announcement in August and launch in September seems to be a pretty safe bet.

Ahead of the Apple Watch arriving in Apple Stores for purchase by walk-in customers, Apple Stores will be starting to stock Apple Watch bands from this week. Reports seem to conflict whether this is limited to certain Apple Stores or whether it’s for all locations, but stocking the bands in store serves two purposes: firstly for customers to buy them, and secondly, to serve as replacements for the worn-out versions in the Apple Watch try-on stations.

The secrets of the Apple Watch display unit have been revealed, although there’s really not much to it. An iPad mini and Apple Watch with special charging unit is all there is to it, with a Lightning or USB-C port on the rear finishing up the plastic display stand unit.

AppleInsider tells us about a patent application describing a smarter stylus. Using pressure, grip, and the angle of the stylus, Apple’s stylus patent will dynamically adjust the input based on those factors — which is kind of like how pens work in real life. If so, that will be pretty cool indeed.

John Gruber writes about the Digital Crown interaction model, as a response to Steven Johnson who says the current model is more complex than it should be. To be fair, the Digital Crown does a lot because it’s the other main input besides touch — and on a device where you can cover most of the screen with your thumb, it kind of needs to do a lot.

MacStories has a review of Rewind, which brings location-based smarts to time-tracking.

Featurephone (or maybe that should be Nokia) classic Snake has made its way to the iOS platform, but unfortunately, Apple World Today says it needs a little work. The controls aren’t as good as they were when you could tap out directions on your tiny phone keypad, and that’s just where things start to go wrong.

But if you’re looking for something to play this weekend, it’s hard to go past a number of games that are currently on sale. Touch Arcade has the full list, and of those, I’d recommend Alto’s Adventure, Duet, as well as the Australian-developed Framed, which I’ve previously reviewed here on AppleTalk.

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