Friday Morning News

screen-shot-2015-04-30-at-4-16-14-pmA look at the S1 System in Package peels back the curtain to see what goes into making the Apple Watch tick, if you’ll pardon the pun. There’s 512MB of RAM on board, as well as custom Apple-designed processor which we have no information about, or even know what architecture it runs. The rest of the chips are also packed into that tiny package: wireless radios, touch controllers, NFC signal boosters, that kind of jazz.

IBM and Apple will be working together over the next couple of years to deliver four to five million iPads to Japanese seniors by 2020. It’s an initiative in collaboration with Japan Post designed to address the ageing population in the country, which Ars Technica describes as a complement to an existing Japan Post service which lets families know their folks are alright for a low monthly fee.

Apple has invited developers to test its new App Analytics service, which will give developers additional insights into how their apps are being used. Third-party frameworks already exist for this kind of thing, but Apple’s system will allow developers access to track Apple-only links such as the app’s page in the iTunes Store, as well as how often the app is used on-device.

A patent application from Apple suggests the company is looking into telephoto lenses for the iPhone. The patent for a “small form factor telephoto camera” describes a standalone camera, but potentially one that can be integrated with an iPhone for more shooting options.

Over at Six Colors, Jason Snell has his impressions of the Apple Watch from last weekend, which is somewhat different to how the Apple Watch can be used today. Week one of the Apple Watch is still the honeymoon period in my mind, but Dan Moren has some other thoughts on how the Apple Watch has been used in that time.

It’s widely expected we’ll see an Apple TV refresh at WWDC this year, and 9to5Mac reports shipping times for the TV accessory have slipped to 1-2 weeks. It’s not uncommon for this kind of thing to happen just before new hardware to be replaced, so this rumour is just fuel for the fire.

Apple has released an update for iMovie on iOS that fixes incorrectly cropped photos. Portrait photos were being cropped incorrectly in the mobile version of iMovie, but that issue has since been rectified.

While the Skitch Mac app might have fallen by the wayside, the iOS version of the app goes from strength to strength. The latest update provides a handy action extension to use within other apps, letting you process images in Skitch before jumping back into the app you were using. MacStories has the details.

The Verge says the best software keyboard for your iPhone is SwiftKey, but after a big song and dance about third-party keyboards being available on iOS, is anyone actually using them full time? Anecdotal evidence says no, mostly due to stability issues and how familiar people are with the Apple default.

John Gruber says the Apple Watch is an ambitious take on the digital watch, but others say he’s lost his mind. Why don’t we just let things fall as they may, instead of trying to force them to go one way or another?

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