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NIB_Tim_Cook_R_jpg_600x345_crop-smart_upscale_q85_1A transcript of Tim Cook’s words on the conference call following yesterday’s financial results is over at Six Colors. The interesting stuff comes from the questions that were asked by analysts: Cook spoke about Apple Watch supply and demand, separating the two issues for clarity. Cook also said that the iPad was not quite dead, and that there was cannibalisation of iPad sales, both from the Mac and iPhone side of the business. (Also worth checking out is the companion post that details how Jason Snell transcribed Cook in nearly real-time, thanks to Audio Hijack’s time-shifting audio technology.)

Quartz has all the charts you need that tells you how much money Apple is making. Like most financial reports which influence investors, Apple has positive counter-point for every point that isn’t “record growth” or “increased revenue”, and it should probably come as no surprise that Apple’s second biggest market in now China, as reported by The Verge.

With the Apple Watch backordered until June, Cook has said demand is much greater than supply. However, he also said on yesterday’s conference call that the company is working hard to remedy that, with Apple able to deliver the Apple Watch to more customers than originally anticipated, according to MacRumors.

Speaking of the Apple Watch, Apple has said it will be rejecting apps that primarily tell the time. People want third-party watch faces, and they want them now — it’s only a matter of time, if you’ll excuse the pun, until Apple opens up the WatchKit SDK to allow this.

Apple has restarted taking donations via iTunes, with donations from the iTunes Red Cross appeal going to aid recovery in Nepal following the recent earthquake. Visiting the special donation page in iTunes lets you donate pre-set amounts, with 100% of proceeds going to the Red Cross to aid those in need.

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA has started integrating HealthKit into patient records, but AppleInsider says it’s unclear if this is something patients can opt-out of.

Now that regular Joes are able to buy the 12-inch MacBook, there are a few mixed reviews. MacRumors has the summary.

Did you hear the one about Apple planning to release an updated version of the iPod touch? The last update for Apple’s iPhone without-a-phone was in October 2012, so it’s definitely due for an update.

MacStories has a review of Adobe Slate, which is designed to let you create and tell your own visual stories.

ILounge says there’s no real point to enabling both iCloud photo library and iCloud Photo Stream, since they both do a very similar thing by storing your photos on the internet and syncing them to your devices.

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