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12612-6680-CDGwQxSUMAEZgSbjpg-large-lAt Daring Fireball, John Gruber touches on the topic of custom watch faces for the Apple Watch. It seems kind of an omission for Apple to leave out custom watch faces for the initial release for the Watch, but I can totally see them throwing it into the too hard basket for 1.0 and leaving it until later this year. Which means it sucks for us wanting a little extra personalisation beyond umpteen different hardware combinations, but once upon a time, there weren’t any apps for the iPhone, either.

Apple is giving developers a second chance at the Apple Watch. Emails sent to developers indicate they can purchase an Apple Watch Sport with blue Sports Band and get it delivered by April 28, presumably so they can start making apps work on the thing.

Apple is trying out something new in China with regards to Apple Watch sales: AppleInsider says they’re recruiting premium resellers to sell the Apple Watch for them, despite having a number of Apple Retail Stores in the country. I’m not sure what the possible reasoning behind this is — perhaps they just need more places to display the Watch?

Apparently Apple’s fantastic returns policy also applies to the Apple Watch Edition, letting you return your $24,000 product within 14-days, no questions asked. As you might expect for such an expensive item, there are slightly more stringent policies that apply before you can return it — after all, one does not simply return a $24,000 product without raising a few eyebrows.

Check your credit card statements, because Apple has started charging customers in other countries for their Apple Watch. I’ve already heard of additional chargers shipping, so hopefully the Apple Watch isn’t too far away.

A HTTPS vulnerability affects more than 1,500 apps using the open-source AFNetworking framework. While the vulnerability has been fixed in the current version of the framework, many apps still use the older version, and thus enable attackers to “intercept encrypted passwords, bank-account numbers, and other highly sensitive information”, according to Ars Technica.

MacStories says that iOS 8.3 breaks desktop file management apps that used to let you browse the files for any iOS app.

Apple World Today covers a number of iCloud fails and foibles that need to be fixed in future versions of iOS and OS X.

Ben Brooks rants and raves about obvious button states, otherwise known as the feeling you get when you’re not sure if the shift key on the iOS keyboard is actually activated or not.

The Mac Observer gives us 10 must-have apps for Apple Watch launch day, but I’d love to hear of any others you’re looking forward to in the comments.

Over at Macworld, Christopher Phin remembers when mouse had balls. He’s talking about the Apple Desktop Bus Mouse, of course, and not my all-time favourite, the Apple hockey-puck mouse.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    I want a watch app that a) knows my work and home stations, and b) shows me the next two departures from the nearest one that stop at the other one. So Next There, basically.

  2. I’d consider buying an Android Wear wearable if they brought Google Now to it… and it worked with Apple devices.

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