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12413-6265-150406-Messages-lLG let the cat out of the bag yesterday when they let slip Apple would be announcing an iMac 8K with a super-high resolution display this year. 8K displays aren’t exactly new as super-high-end TVs have had them for a couple of years, but an iMac 8K would definitely be something new. It’s possible we’ll see something like this from Apple for the Retina iMac refresh later this year, but it’s also possible LG was simply trying a little to hard to hype up their display. Only time will tell.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s email to employees before the launch of the Apple Watch on April 24 congratulates the employees that have worked so hard on the product in almost total secrecy for years, as well as thanking the Retail staff who will be putting it on wrists starting Friday. Apple employees also get a 50% discount on the Sport and Watch, while there’s a $550 discount off the Edition.

Speaking of Retail, Angela Ahrendts is now telling Retail employees to push customers online for the launch of the Apple Watch and the 12-inch MacBook. I’m not sure whether this is some kind of plan to stress-test the Apple servers more than they already are on a big launch or whether it’s all part of a bigger change in the Retail space, but Ahrendts says she wants to put an end to the whole “waiting in line” thing.

Apple has been upping the ante when it comes to letting third-party developers test their software on Apple Watch hardware. IMore reports more and more developers are being let into Apple’s secretive Apple Watch lab, which is still protected by the most rigorous security measures.

Rumour has it the next Apple TV refresh, whenever that is, won’t support 4K. Reason being, 4K just isn’t mainstream enough yet — there’s very little 4K content, and the networks can’t handle 4K streaming on a regular basis.

Messages in the latest iOS 8.3 beta let you report iMessage spam, which is awesome, and hard to believe it took them this long.

If you miss out on the Apple Watch this Friday, your consolation prize is that all six Star Wars films will be available digitally. Sure, they’ll be the digitally remastered versions, but at least we’ll be getting them in HD with never-before-seen special features.

Instead of just choosing one and sticking with it like most normal people, there are those that are trying out the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The consensus is mixed: Jason Snell says that while the battery life is nice, the single-handed usage of the iPhone 6 is better. Marco Arment takes things a step further, saying both iPhone 6 models are compromises, but the advantages of the iPhone 6 Plus outweigh the compromises in other areas.

Tools and Toys tells us about Wi-Fi Signal, a simple little menu bar app that tells you about your Wi-Fi signal, giving you stats like signal strength, channel, that kind of thing.

Apple has published a little Apple ID FAQ that serves as a one-stop shop for all your Apple ID needs.

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