Tuesday Morning News

Apple-5W-Charger-Folding-PinsApple just announced their financial results for Q2 2015, so we’ll get the big numbers out of the way first. The company posted revenue of $58 billion, with profits of $13.6 billion. They sold over 61.1 million iPhones, 12.6 million iPads, and 4.5 million Macs, with 69% of revenue coming from international sources. Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a pretty standard response, saying they’re all thrilled “by the continued strength of iPhone, Mac and the App Store”.

A weekend with the Apple Watch in Australia give us the skinny on whether having something on your wrist again is all it is cracked up to be. There’s plenty of stuff the Apple Watch does well, a few things that it is only OK at, and a few others where it flops miserably. It’s hard to judge third-party apps at the moment, seeing as you’ll probably only be using a handful on any kind of frequent basis, but I think the overall consensus is that it’s a pretty solid 1.0 from a company that has been notorious at first-generation products.

One way or another, the Apple Watch will have some impact on iPhone battery life. Either you’ll be using your iPhone less and have more battery life as a result, or the iPhone battery will be draining faster due to always being connected to the Apple Watch. (For what it’s worth, I’ve heard no complaints about Apple Watch battery life.)

The reflective glossy finish of the stainless steel Apple Watch scratches easily, as you might expect it to. It’s kind of like the rear of the iPod classic in that way, being attracted to scratches like bees to honey — you can buff out the scratches yourself, but otherwise, you’ll have a device that looks like it’s been well used. Which isn’t so bad, really.

AppleInsider has a list of the best and most interesting apps for your Apple Watch, including the Amazon Apple Watch app that hilariously led one CNET reviewer to accidentally purchase an Xbox One via Amazon’s one-click ordering system (forgive the vertical video). For Belkin WeMo enthusiasts, the best Apple Watch is undoubtedly QuickSwitch, an app that lets you toggle your WeMo switches with ease. QuickSwitch is $2.49 on the Australian App Store.

The Mac Observer points out one WatchKit “flaw”, if you can call it that. Third-party apps currently have no access to any heart rate data, which makes things tricky if you’re a fitness junkie and want to know every detail about your workouts. HealthKit is currently encrypted to keep your data safe, but that means no access for third-party apps.

Siri is now powered by Apache Mesos, which says a lot about how far cloud computing has really come. The Mesosphere has more details on the change to a new cloud architecture, in particular how the Just Another Rather Very Intelligent Scheduler underpins millions of Siri queries per day.

The UK gets a snazzy new 5W power adapter with the USB port built-into the plug, which has these cool folding pins. It’s a shame Apple can’t make something similar for the Australian market, but then again, our power adapters are pretty small now anyway.

Over at iMore, Rene Ritchie outlines why we’re all Apple users: it’s about industrial design, and how Apple has perfected the art of aligning things so everything looks nice and sharp. You’d be surprised at the companies that have no idea.

If you can’t afford the Apple Watch Edition but still want a little bling, you can spray-paint your Apple Watch Sport to make it look like gold. Boom, instant $600 replica of a $14,000 Apple Watch.

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