Tuesday Morning News

appletvUpdates to Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor were released by Apple this morning. According to the press release, both Final Cut Pro X and Motion now support 3D titles, as well as GPU-accelerated RED RAW processing in FCP X and the ability to create custom materials and environments in Motion, while Compressor can now publish movies for sale on the iTunes Store.

Now that you’ve streamed the season premiere of Game of Thrones over HBO Now, Re/code is saying that Apple collects 15% of the revenue earned from the HBO Now and other Apple TV apps.

Benchmarks of the new MacBook with an upgraded 1.2GHz processor show a nice speed boost over the entry-level model, although CPU performance is still roughly on par with MacBook Airs from a couple of years ago. Still, that’s not too bad when we’re talking about a machine with no fan, a Retina display, and some crazy good battery life.

OS X 10.10.3 now supports NVMExpress, a feature which adds support for faster data transfers with PCIe SSDs, as well as improved battery life. The 12-inch MacBook is the only machine that currently ships with and supports an NVMExpress-compatible drive, but it’s expected Apple will be updating the rest of the lineup in due time.

Speaking of improvements, 10.10.3 also changes the way 4K Ultra HD TVs work with your Mac. Single-stream transport displays running 3840×2160 at 60Hz are now supported by a variety of Macs, while the iMac and Mac Pro additionally support displays with resolutions higher than 4K, although they require multiple cables to do so.

Apple hasn’t released the official numbers from Apple Watch pre-orders from Friday, but depending on who you read, estimates put the number of pre-orders at around the one million mark. Data from Slice Intelligence says the black Sport model with the black sport band was easily the most popular.

Healthcare apps for the Apple Watch will be able to remind you about regular dosages for medicine, potentially vibrating to let you know when it’s time to pop a pill.

Over at iMore, the first generation of Apple Watch apps will be a stepping stone to something greater. It’s hard to know what the possibilities of apps will be without the actual hardware on our wrist, but once we get that, the possibilities will open up beyond mere Spotify controllers or other checklist-type apps.

IMore also has a bunch of manual camera app recommendations for the iPhone, if you’re after a little more creative control.

A post over at Medium says the App Store review process is hurting users, but developers aren’t allowed to talk about it for fear of bringing the wrath of Apple down on themselves.

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