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2KCG6Oao4DERiLsfOne possible reason the Apple Watch is in such short supply is supply chain issues. The Wall Street Journal says that one of Apple’s taptic engine suppliers in China produced faulty units, which Apple was then unable to use in the Apple Watch. “Those produced by a second supplier in Japan did not have the same issue”, reports MacRumors, and taptic unit production being low meant not as many Apple Watch units were able to be sold.

DisplayMate’s analysis of the Apple Watch display says its an excellent smart watch display, with accurate colours and picture quality. Comparing it with the display on the iPhone 6 has revealed Apple has taken steps to ensure both displays look near-identical. Their report also says the Apple Watch with sapphire displays reflect much more light than the Apple Watch sport.

There have been murmurings on the internet regarding the Apple Watch heart rate sensor not working with tattoos, and after doing a little digging, iMore found out that there is something of an issue, but only if your tattoo is a solid, darker colour. That’s kind of something you’d expect that to influence the accuracy of the heart rate sensor, though.

Having an Apple Watch app is all well and good, but Qantas customers have found the Apple Watch doesn’t fit underneath the Qantas boarding scanners used at the gate. The QR code generated by the app for boarding just doesn’t fit, and while Qantas are assessing the issue, you’ll have to wait for Apple Pay in Australia to be able to use your Apple Watch for something truly futuristic. (Or just pick up a parcel from an Australian Post parcel locker, which uses the same QR-code scanning technology.

The latest App Store data says iOS 8 is now used by 80% of the active iOS user base, with that rise attributed to new emoji and Apple Watch launch.

An issue with the iPad app used by American Airlines caused delays for some passengers yesterday, with the app developer being the one to blame after pushing out an invalid update that only affected some flights.

Macworld says Photos for OS X still has mostly the same features as iPhoto did, but they’re just in slightly different places. Most importantly, you can still find your photos on a map, and you can still view your metadata.

MacStories has a guide to setting up Gmail on Mail in OS X Yosemite, now that the bugs have been ironed out. There’s a couple of tips that might come in handy if you use a folders a lot, too.

9to5Mac rounded up some of the best wired and wireless keyboards for your Mac and iOS device.

Once upon a time, fixing the permissions on your OS X installation was as normal as opening up a new tab in a web browser. It rarely needs to be done these days, but what exactly did it do? Macworld has the explanation.

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