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Nwh6uKegftZRvUaVIFixit’s teardown of the 2015 MacBook with Retina display reveals the mysteries of Apple’s thinnest laptop yet. It should come as no surprise that the machine is basically impregnable; like recent Apple laptops there’s no user-replaceable parts, so there’s no reason for you to get into it at all, and even if you do, you’ll find pretty much everything has been glued down.

Designer Karl Lagerfield has an Apple Watch Edition with a super-rare gold Link Bracelet. Given the already exorbitant price of the Edition (with or without Link Bracelet), I’m scared to think what the price of that bad boy is.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is once again auctioning off a lunch with himself at Apple’s HQ off to charity, as well as two VIP passes to an Apple event this year. It’s unlikely that event will be WWDC, and besides that, we probably only have another one, maybe two events to go.

Speaking of WWDC, Apple has increased the number of scholarships this year to 350, an increase of 150 over previous years. Not only that, but the scholarships are restricted to certain STEM organisations, prompting a greater focus on gender and ethnic diversity at the event. It’s great to see Apple pushing the boundaries like this, and offering opportunities for those who may not get a chance normally.

Macworld sent two reporters out into the field to try on the Apple Watch Edition, and both females came back with their impressions of the experience. It’s not too much different to a try-on session of the regular Watch, besides a bit more security and the fact you’ll be wearing a $10,000+ Apple product — which is, in and of itself, a first.

AppleInsider brings us a couple of the Apple-compatible accessories and hardware from this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas. There’s plenty of speedy hard drives, but an accessory that turns your iPad into a remote control for SLR cameras is also pretty interesting.

The Office for Mac preview has been updated with several new features and bug fixes, with accessibility improvements and Word being the main focus of this update. The new version of Office is slated to be launched in the American summer, which should put the launch date sometime before August.

In other app update news, the Wikipedia iOS app now has support for sharing factual snippets, somewhat akin to the text sharing apps that seemed to have popped up over the past couple of months. MacStories says that while the short visual facts are nice and all, it’d also be nice to have the ability to share longer passages of text.

Tumblr’s iOS app has also been updated to add blog creation, a Notification Center widget that shows you trending tags on the social network, as well as faster video embedding, for mobile bloggers.

Horace Deidu starts his take on the Apple Watch by saying it’s as much a Watch as the iPhone is a phone. You might use it to tell the time, but soon enough, just like the iPhone was used to make calls, that might not be something you use it for that frequently.

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  1. But then how will we tell the time :sweat:

  2. By looking at our phones the way we do now :wink:

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