Thursday Morning News

12363-6160-3010086_DSC_0082-xlApple’s 12-inch MacBook has been unboxed in Vietnam ahead of its official release, with the ultraportable given the full unboxing treatment. The charging cord resembles a slightly larger version of the Lightning connector, for the most part, also appearing a little stiffer and thicker. We’re expecting to be able to pre-order the new MacBook on April 10, right around the same time Apple Watch pre-orders go live.

Meanwhile, early benchmarks of the borderline anorexic MacBook put the processing power of Intel’s Core M on par with a 2011 MacBook Air. I would think that’s what most people would be expecting, and although there will be some who are disappointed with that kind of performance, you have to remember that this is a fan-less machine we’re talking about, which still manages insane battery life.

Apple’s subscription TV service will be relying on the networks of TV companies. Re/code reports the TV companies will be expected to handle their own network infrastructure to stream content to subscribers, which is how the Apple TV currently works — if you’re watching a third-party channel such as YouTube or via one of the sports apps, third-parties are handling the delivery of that video to your Apple TV.

Bloomberg got the results of 3,000 Apple Pay users and found that two-thirds experienced issues at checkout. Almost half of those who had issues said it took too long to process a transaction, with 42% also saying the cashier wasn’t familiar with the technology. “Some shoppers also complained about transactions being incorrect, or run twice”, AppleInsider says, and I’m kind of mystified: Apple Pay was probably more needed in the US, sure, but Australia has had contactless payment systems as the norm for years now.

Pandora has confirmed they’ll be on the Apple Watch and in you car, with the company calling Apple “frenemy” when announcing they will “definitely be in CarPlay”. There’s no timeline on when Pandora will be available in CarPlay, but it’s expected the company will have an app for the Apple Watch in due course.

Speaking of being on the Apple Watch, the New York Times has confirmed they, too, will be on the platform. One-sentence stories will give you the news at a glance, they say.

The rest of the world (well, the US along with a few countries in Europe) may have moved on to trading-in non-Apple devices at Apple Stores, but Apple has only just launched their trade-in program for iPhones and iPads in China. 9to5Mac says users are limited to trading in their older device towards an iPhone, and not just towards a generic gift card that’s able to be applied to any Apple product.

IBM has added another eight apps to its enterprise library in its partnership with Apple, bringing the total number of apps at 22.

Infinit is a new app that claims to re-imagine the way you send files, working cross-platform across your Mac or PC, iOS, or Android. There are no file size limits and the transfers are supposedly lightning fast, so I’m guessing it has to be some kind of local network transfer system.

Just like people compared feature-phones to the iPhone when it originally launched, people are comparing the iPod nano watch to the Apple Watch. The iPod nano may well get three-week battery life, but it also has no way to connect to the outside world besides a wired connection — and that makes for an unfair comparison, as 9to5Mac writes.

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