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20025696_eb04437482Twas the night before the Apple Watch was due to be released, and all through the internet, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Actually, that’s not quite true — Twitter just exploded with people getting shipping notifications. But there’s plenty of time for that later, time for some news…

As it turns out, you can scratch the Ion-X glass display on the Apple Watch Sport. But saying that is like saying you can bend the iPhone 6 Plus, or that McDonalds is a restaurant; the former can, with enough force, and the latter technically is, but no-one refers to them as that. A scratch test with a key, a knife, steel wool, and sandpaper shows that the glass display of the Apple Watch Sport isn’t impervious to everything, much like the iPhone in your pocket.

I know more than a few people who think that Apple really screwed up the launch of the Apple Watch. Apple SVP of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts recently sent out a memo to staff about the Apple Watch, and we’re now able to watch it thanks to Mac4Ever. In the video, Ahrendts explains the online-only restriction for the Apple Watch as the result of Apple launching two products at the same time, assuring Apple employees that Apple corporate loves big launches in stores as much as they do, saying this is just a unique situation.

The Environmental Responsibility video from the other day showed off something particularly unique: a stationary Apple Watch charging station. It’s thinner than the magnetic clasp-like charging cable that currently ships with the watch, and the design looks slightly different enough to suggest it may be a dock you place the normal charging cable into.

Jony Ive says that while the Apple is taking a decidedly fashion-first approach with the Apple Watch, it’s still very much a gadget. Speaking at a Condé Nast conference in France, Ive said that you can’t compare the Apple Watch to traditional timepieces because it’s an entirely different kettle of fish, so to speak. “We all loved our watches but saw that the wrist was a fabulous place for technology, so there were different motivations”, Ive said.

Those who missed the precious first couple of minutes after pre-orders opened were greeted with blown-out shipping times for the Apple Watch. The good news is, some Watch models with May and June shipping dates have changed status to “preparing for shipment”, which is a decent indicator of a an earlier shipping date than originally estimated. 9to5Mac says that with all the online fanfare, you can still consider the Apple Watch to be a “soft launch” — retail without actual retail, although there are some authorised resellers who have access to the Watch? When Apple’s own Retail stores don’t? Weird.

Apple’s senior director of Worldwide Corporate Communications has officially announced her retirement after a 14-year innings in the position. AppleInsider notes Natalie Kerris was once in line for the VP of Communications throne, but that eventually went to Steve Dowling.

Apple job listings confirm plans to bring public transit info to its Maps service, but some say it’s already too late. That ship has sailed, so to speak — Google Maps already has that info, and it’ll take some convincing for public transport companies to release that info to two technology giants.

Ming-Chi Kuo is telling us to not expect a new 4-inch iPhone this year. Instead, the analyst is saying we’ll see a new 4-inch device next year, with the next major revision of the iPhone. With the 5S still going strong, perhaps Apple are better off focusing their efforts on a 4-inch iPhone with the thinner design of the iPhone 6.

A bug in iOS 8 lets attackers setup a standard Wi-Fi network to send apps and, in some cases, the devices themselves, into an endless reboot loop. Ars Technica details the SSL exploit used to cause the bug, which only affects devices running iOS 8 or later.

As linked to by Daring Fireball, a gallery of homepages from days gone by is an interesting look at the history of the company.

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