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3blwxuOLWZl6v2HKLike day following night, and night following day, iFixit has posted up their tear down of the Apple Watch. Taking a look at the insides of the Apple Watch Sport with bright blue Sport Band, they pry their way inside the near-impenetrable exterior aluminium casing. In doing so, it’s revealed that you can forget about upgrading the Apple Watch by swapping out the internals at a later date, thanks to how well it’s all packed in there. Notably, they reveal that the heart rate monitor used on the Apple Watch looks and acts like a pulse oximeter, a device used to measure blood oxygen levels. However, that’s not something Apple advertise as the Apple Watch as being capable of doing. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

On Friday and over the weekend, I, along with thousands of others who had missed out on the pre-order window, had to live vicariously through those who had successfully ordered Apple’s latest shiny. While this meant I missed out on the stress of being on constant lookout for any kind of truck making its way towards my house, it also meant I missed out on the unboxing and setup process. Luckily, Ars Technica had me covered, publishing a great unboxing and first impressions post. Over at A Blog To Watch, watch enthusiast Ariel Adams had his own first-day thoughts.

Apple’s latest TV ads for the Apple Watch do not disappoint in the feels department, and they’re definitely more focused on the human, real-world aspects of the Apple Watch rather than the design and technology aspects we’ve already seen. Us, Up, and Rise can now be seen on Apple’s website.

IMore’s Serenity Caldwell has 28 tips for new Apple Watch owners. You’ll probably find most of these while poking around the settings on the Apple Watch, but having an explanation to go with their sometimes-cryptic labels and non-existent descriptions can be a handy resource to have.

Apple shared their list of recommended Apple Watch apps to Buzzfeed on day one, and the company says the variety of apps just goes to show how diverse the uses for Apple Watch will be.

Indeed, with over 3000 apps on launch, Techcrunch has an early look at the Apple Watch app ecosystem. From what I’ve heard, a lot of app developers are looking at what they have on their wrists and starting from scratch due to use cases they couldn’t think of without the hardware on their wrist.

One of the things I find the most interesting about the retail experience of the Apple Watch is that while you can try on an Apple Watch at an Apple Store, you can’t buy one there. And yet, there are fashion boutiques offering the Apple Watch for sale when Apple’s own Retail Stores don’t have it — clearly, Apple are taking this focus on the Apple Watch as a fashion item very, very seriously. At the end of the day, it’s still a win for Apple: you know those guys and girls lining up outside of exclusive boutiques are there for only one thing, and it doesn’t matter where they get it.

The Visual Mechanical Inspection guide for the Apple Watch, as shown off by MacRumors, lays out the law in terms of what kinds of defects will be covered under warranty, and what won’t. For the most part, it’s the same as the VMI guide for the iPhone and iPad.

Apple says the battery in the Apple Watch will hold 80% of its charge capacity at 1,000 complete charge cycles. Apple has also made shopping for extra bands easier, breaking out bands into their own category on the Online Store.

If you can’t make it in-store for a lovely lad or lass in a blue shirt to take you through setting up your Apple Watch, or just prefer to do so from the comfort of your own home, Apple can arrange an online Personal Setup session for you. All thanks to the magic of the internet!

ElevationLab (makers of the Elevation Dock for the iPhone) have come up with the NightStand for Apple Watch. I kind of like the horizontal dock style, as it should be easier to dock and undock. The NightStand also makes an appearance in Tools and Toys’ list of the most [interesting Apple Watch stands] so far.

The Apple Watch can be used for many things, including telling the time. Developers are even making games for the Apple Watch, which has a display about the same dimensions as an old Nokia 3310. That in itself presents some challenges, as detailed by Ars Technica; not only are games going to be super careful with how they use resources like battery life, but also with the timespan that you’ll spend actually playing games on the miniature computer on your wrist. TouchArcade has some first impressions of Apple Watch games so far, but you know what I’d really like to see? Game & Watch games, on the Apple Watch.

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