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bands_bottom_largeIf you didn’t get your pre-order for the Apple Watch within a couple minutes of 5:01pm last Friday, you’re basically out of luck. Shipping times on all models are now somewhere in June, so unless you know someone who has an extra one they don’t want, you might as well wait until they’re available in-store. That goes for the new MacBook too, which now has a ship date of June for all models.

On the bright side, all that time means you have as long as you need to get to an Apple Store to try the various Watch models and bands on. Marco Arment was disappointed by the leather loop, and Stephen Hackett tried on a couple extra bands. It might be hard to justify the cost of the band on paper, but in person they look and feel as great as the Watch does.

The Mac Observer, iMore, and Ars Technica all have posts about the Apple Watch try-on experience. My own trip to the Brisbane CBD Apple Store was pretty much exactly as described: I booked an appointment with one of the floor staff, and within a minute I had a guy who knew about my favourited models from the Apple Store app. We did a little dance to switch sides as I told him I wore my watch on my right hand, and the process went pretty smoothly from there.

Now that Photos for OS X is out with the release of OS X 10.10.3 late last week, Apple has removed Aperture and iPhoto from the Mac App Store. The removal of iPhoto from the Mac App Store signals the end of a long-running Mac app — iPhoto has been a major selling point for Apple machines for years as part of the iLife suite, and now it’s been replaced by Photos.

Thankfully, the process to switch across to Photos from iPhoto or Aperture is pretty easy, thanks to Photos detecting your iPhoto and Aperture libraries on launch. But if your internet connection suddenly becomes sluggish or if you hear the fans in your machine start spinning up, it’s probably Photos doing a little work in the background — uploading your entire library to your own iCloud account, or just churning through your photos for the first time.

Not that we can get access to HBO Go in Australia (at least, not without a VPN), but AppleInsider points out there’s adult content on HBO Now, and Apple offer a free trial for the service. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “hypocrisy” because it’s not like Apple controls HBO content, but it’s there.

With iPhone and Apple Watch docking stations popping up like daisies, 9to5Mac has a roundup of some of the better docks out there. It’ll be important to be able to attach and remove the Watch from its dock, since that’s something you’ll be doing frequently.

BandSwapper seemed like such a good idea. Because the Apple Watch ships with two sizes of the Sport band, the idea was to swap your extra band with someone else. Unfortunately, TechCrunch says it probably won’t work like that, so unless you want a two-tone Sport band, you will have to pony up for the extra band yourself.

Macworld has a review of the 12-inch MacBook with Retina display. It’s the thinnest and lightest Mac yet, but how does it fare in real-world usage? Pretty well, as it turns out.

An Apple Support article tells us all about the USB-C port and adapters that you can use on the new 12-inch MacBook. Which is cool, seeing as you’ll need an adapter to even back your machine up to a Time Machine drive and have it charge at the same time.

MacStories gives us a guide on switching from Google Authenticator or Authy (or your two-factor authentication app of choice) to 1Password, now that 1Password supports 2FA.

With every first-gen product from Apple comes the inevitable decision of whether you should buy one at all, and the Apple Watch is no different. You know it will be superseded by a better model — but when? And will the changes compel you to upgrade immediately, or can you hold off until the next one after that? Since when did rampant consumerism get so hard?

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