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Hearthstone iconIt’s been a while since we’ve seen a truly new laptop from Apple. I hesitate to say years, but it’s probably been something around that kind of time frame. The 12-inch MacBook with Retina display is Apple’s first new laptop in a long time, and it’s now been thoroughly reviewed by Anandtech. You already know the basics — fanless, one USB-C port, new keyboard, new trackpad — so this is definitely more of a deep-dive.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has asked for a refund from Apple, and it looks like the $1.6 billion deal to give every student in the district an iPad has just fallen apart. LAUSD originally said it would buy iPads from Apple to give to every student, while Pearson would distribute math and science curriculum for an additional cost. It’s unclear why the program fell apart: either teachers didn’t embrace the new generation of tools provided by Pearson, or Pearson didn’t deliver the goods.

Apple has posted up new Guided Tours for the Apple Watch on its website, with four new videos covering phone calls, Siri, Maps, and Music.

There’s a new update for OS X this morning, with the 10.10.3 “supplemental update” fixing issues relating to system startup. AppleInsider says another issue with kernel panics while previewing JPEG files is also due for a fix in the coming weeks.

New estimates of Apple Watch pre-order numbers from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have put the figures at 2.3 million units. His analysis appears to be based on production units shipping up until the end of May, as opposed to initial shipments, but there are potential bottlenecks in production that could hold those numbers back.

Meanwhile, Angela Ahredts has told Apple Store staff that there won’t be any Apple Watch stock to purchase in-store until June. Ahrendts also tells staff that future launches will happen in Stores as per normal. Apple has since removed the “available on April 24” availability message from the Apple website.

Cases for a larger-screened iPad have hit the internet again, showing us stereo speakers and little else.

Apple has partnered with the Conversation Fund to protect forest, in a move designed to create sustainable packaging. 36,000 acres of forest in the US makes for an area larger than San Francisco, according to 9to5Mac.

In case you missed it: Hearthstone was released for iPhone earlier this week, which means you’ll now be able to take that addiction with you wherever you go.

While I’ll be reading this 12-inch MacBook review this weekend, you know the one thing I won’t be reading? John Siracusa’s epic OS X reviews. After 15 years and 11 releases of OS X, Siracusa is hanging up his reviewers hat and riding off into the sunset. So long, and thanks for all the fish, John.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    A sad day for Apple nerds. I suspect a few people will pick up the baton, but they’ll have big shoes to fill.

  2. I’ll do it, but only if I can do it with emoji.

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