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macbook-back-bleedIf you’re anything like me, you’re probably still wondering which model Apple Watch you’ll be pre-ordering at 5:01pm today. Perhaps you’re also agonising between the aluminium Sport and stainless steel Watch, wondering if all that extra durability is worth the extra $300 you’ll be paying for a first-gen product. Either way, Apple has said pre-orders for the Apple Watch will be strictly online to begin with — evidently, Angela Ahrendts was serious when she said she didn’t want to see lines outside Apple stores. Interestingly enough, there’s still no word on where or how we book try-on appointments, which supposedly begin today at Apple Stores nationally.

Reviews for the 12-inch MacBook are out, right on schedule. Ars Technica says it’s a preview of the future that’s not quite here, with Apple once again being ahead of its time. Jim Dalrymple says the lack of ports could either be a game-changer or a deal-breaker, while Jason Snell’s review takes it all into account, calling the new MacBook a reviewer’s notebook.

A review roundup from MacRumors says that while the new MacBook does appeal from a design standpoint (no fans, extremely thin and light with awesome battery life), there are too many compromises that cripple the machine in everyday usage. And I think that will be the kicker: unless your workload is all web or office-based, you’ll likely want to look elsewhere — which makes the new MacBook an ideal iPad alternative.

Scratch tests prove the sapphire display of the Apple Watch is completely impervious to any kind of scratching, even after being subject to some extremely harsh materials in an attempt to mark the surface. The glass of the aluminium sport should fare equally as well, but again, the question will be: are you willing to fork out an extra $300 for a first-gen product?

MacRumors did a little digging and found out which Apple Stores would be carrying the Edition on launch, and if you’re in Australia, you’ll need to head to the CBD Apple Stores in Sydney or Brisbane, or the Southland store in Melbourne if you want the Apple Watch Edition.

Apple added TripAdvisor to Maps last week, but has strangely removed that info with the launch of iOS 8.3 yesterday. As reported by AppleInsider, businesses can now claim POIs within Maps.

Mophie has added new products to its Space collection, with the lineup now being compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The battery cases also come with extra storage, and you’ll be able to get them in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB flavours.

Now that Facebook Messenger is its own platform and not a part of Facebook per se, there’s a handy wrapper for the web interface that makes Messenger look like a really nice native app. Thanks, Pete!

Dan Moren wants cloud-based OS X accounts, instead of ones administered on the local machine. The skeptic in me says this couldn’t possibly be a good idea, based on how unreliable and flaky iCloud seems to be, but on the other hand, it’s a good suggestion and it could work.

Icons are such complicated things these days. We’ve moved from super-simple pictograms to extremely skeueomorphic high-resolution designs, and now we’re switching back to simpler styles — but the golden age of icons was when they were all 32×32, says Macworld.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    Southland? Weird. Not very central.

  2. The lack of a CBD store in Melbourne makes it difficult to have anything too “central”.

  3. tcn33 says:

    In terms of distance from CBD though, there’s three stores closer than Southland.

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