Wednesday Morning News


Welcome to the all-watch edition of the news.

9to5Mac continues their recent run of scoops with their story on Apple’s retail pitch to prospective customers. Training materials indicate that staff will focus on getting Watch buyers to switch to an iOS8-capable iPhone, as well as selling accessories such as extra bands.

Meanwhile, Gene Munster thinks the Edition will start at $5,000 USD, which seems unlikely. On the bright side, a little birdie tells me that a big Apple TV update will be announced soon (but unfortunately not the mythical television Gene keeps hoping for).

New site WatchAware has launched a section featuring interactive Apple Watch apps. Depending on the app, it features app operations and/or notifications and glances. If you’re not sure what to expect from Watch apps, head on over and take a look. (And if you have no idea what this Apple Watch business is about, Gizmodo has you covered.)

In other timepiece news, Google wants to let iPhone users in on the Android Wear fun, with BGR reporting that an iOS app is on the way. Pebble have launched a very familiar looking variant on their record-setting Pebble Time smartwatch – that’s it up the top there. Remind you of anything? And finally, Optus* have unveiled a proof of concept watch that ties into their Cash by Optus app and can be used for contactless payments.


*Disclaimer: in my day job I work for Optus, though in an unrelated capacity.

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