Wednesday Morning News

12270-5973-Screenshot-2015-03-25-001816-lThe fourth beta of iOS 8.3 has been seeded to developers and members of Apple’s iOS public beta testing program. MacRumors speculates iCloud Photo Library may launch when iOS 8.3, as well as an interesting feature that lets you filter messages from numbers and people that are actually in your address book. Other iOS 8.3 features include the ability to download free apps without entering your iTunes Store password, as well as being able to initiate speakerphone calls via Siri.

Apple has acquired database company FoundationDB, with TechCrunch speculating the purchase may have been about boosting server-side tech for iTunes and iCloud services.

The sales strategy for the Apple Watch has been revealed by 9to5Mac, who write that Retail employees will focus on building trust with customers, offering fashion views on the wearable, and upselling bands. Ahead of trying on an Apple Watch at an Apple Store early next month, the next best thing is an augmented reality app that makes it easier to visualise the various sizes and bands on your wrist.

A new patent from Apple describes a more advanced kind of iPhone camera, one that splits light to be captured by separate sensors. It’s all part of Apple’s pursuit for even better image capture technology, which should result in better colour accuracy and even better low-light performance.

Ars Technica says the refreshed MacBook Air supports 4K displays at 60Hz thanks to a combination of the Intel HD 6000 integrated graphics and Thunderbolt 2, which supports the DisplayPort 1.2 protocol. As you might expect with an underpowered graphics card, things get a little choppy when you’re running things above the native res of the panel.

AppleWorld Today has a look at the Otterbox Resurgence, a battery case for the iPhone 6.

The latest thing on Kickstarter is the Magzet, an audio jack with a magnetic connection that ensures your headphone jack and plug will be protected from the hustle and bustle of everyday use. I’m not really sure what the angle for this kind of accessory is, but I guess it could be useful to someone, somewhere. They’re asking for a lot of cash, though.

OS X turned 14 yesterday, and those that used it will be able to tell you what a wonderful operating system Mac OS X 10.0 was. Or not, as the case may be. Before my time, and all that.

Now that you have even more channels on your Apple TV, it may be time to consider hiding some of the ones that you don’t use. 9to5Mac has the how-to to declutter your Apple TV home screen.

With the iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch, you may find less and less of a need for an iPad. At least, that’s what TechCrunch says.

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