Tuesday Morning News

12318-6069-Screenshot-2015-03-30-025930-l9to5Mac has revealed the entire in-store purchasing process of the Apple Watch, walking us through what it’ll be like to buy an Apple Watch on launch day, only without the crowds, continual clapping, and whatever else accompanies Apple product launches. You’ll be able to try on the Watch, although swapping out bands won’t be possible, and being launch day and all, it’s pretty unlikely walk-in sales will be possible.

Unless, of course, you’re splashing out the big bucks. If you’re planning to pick up the Apple Watch Edition, here’s what you can expect. Personalised service, including longer try-on periods. A 24/7 support service. Personal watch setup. A special, courier-to-store service for Apple Watch Edition purchases online. And best of all, no lines.

One company has shown off what they believe to be the rear shell of the iPhone 6C. It looks pretty much as you’d expect, being a slightly bigger version of the iPhone 5C design, and all the speaker and microphone holes seem to line up with the current iPhone 6 design.

Is that a Lightning port on the side of the upcoming “iPad Pro”? Or, as MacRumors claims, is it a USB-C port in addition to the Lightning port already found on more recent iOS devices? Sadly, we’ve seen this kind of thing before — this time literally, as MacRumors points out, these images were shared back in February.

AppleInsider casted an eye over the Apple jobs page, where they discovered Apple is hiring a few people for better battery tech in iOS devices. AppleInsider speculates the hiring spree will go towards new iPhones and iPads, but my bet is on future products. Years from now, we’ll see Schiller step on stage and talk about this amazing brand-new battery tech.

Apple has seeded the sixth beta of OS X 10.10.3 to developers and members of the Apple public beta testing program, which surely means the public release is not too far away. Six betas is uncommon, to say the least.

The Mac Observer tells us what to expect from the Core M processor as found in the new MacBook. It’s not in quite the same class as the Core i5 processors in the MacBook Air, but chances are, it’ll still be plenty fast provided you’re not doing serious image or number crunching on the thing.

Improvements to the 1Password extension in iOS 8, as detailed by MacStories, means the extension can now fill more fields than ever before. You’ll also be able to fill identities, credit cards, and create new logins, all from within the extension itself. If there’s one example of how powerful iOS 8 extensions can be, the 1Password extension is the perfect example.

IMore explains iCloud Photo Library. Even though it’s currently labelled as a beta, it’s a solid way to keep all your photos and videos in sync accross all your devices.

Last but not least, Apple’s new MacBook gets nearly as much battery life as the refreshed MacBook Pro with Retina display, even though the battery in the former is half the size of the latter. It’s a pretty impressive feat.

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