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macbook-usbcHello, friends. I’m not even sure where to start with the news, so bear with me while I get my RSS feeds into order over the next couple of days or so. But enough about that, how about some news?

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked to Mad Money anchor Jim Cramer. In case none of those names (besides Tim’s, obviously) jump out at you, you might recognise Mad Money as the short from the first Iron Man, where Jim tells Stark Industries shareholders to sell their stocks after Tony Stark announces his weapons company will no longer sell weapons. Back in real life, Tim and Jim talked about the latest from Cupertino, including ResearchKit, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch. IMore has the full transcript, or there’s a video you can check out.

I’ve yet to watch last week’s keynote, but what I’ve read about ResearchKit so far is pretty cool. It opens the door to widespread medical research without the invasiveness of traditional trials and studies, all from the convenience of your iPhone. According to Bloomberg, over 11,000 people have already signed up for a cardiovascular study, which would usually take a year and 50 medical centers around the US.

MacRumors points out a claim from John Gruber that Apple invented USB-C, then gave it to the standard bodies. Industry politics mean Apple can’t publicly claim that, but USB-C is an Apple invention, and will become a standard. As for USB-C itself, despite its somewhat controversial introduction to Apple products (the single USB-C port on the new MacBook being exactly 50% of the total ports on the machine), Jason Snell reminds us that we’ve been here before. Maybe not to this degree, but this isn’t uncharted territory.

One of the main concerns about Apple’s adoption of USB-C for everything on the new MacBook is that it eschews the magentic advantages of MagSafe for a design that’s much more prone to making your laptop get pulled to the floor. Over at Macworld, Glenn Fleishman crunches the numbers and says there’s a pretty good chance tripping over a USB-C power adapter will take your laptop along with it.

9to5Mac reports Apple will soon be introducing a trade-in scheme for owners of non-Apple smartphones to get credit for iPhone purchases. Available only at Apple Retail locations as an extension of the company’s existing trade-in scheme, 9to5Mac gives the launch date of a few weeks, although there’s no information on an international launch.

As a followup to his extensive Life After Cancer article, Federico Viticci of MacStories follows up by looking at iOS 8.2 and the changes it brings to the built-in Health app.

Speaking of iOS updates, the latest iOS 8.3 beta fixes the web-browser keyboard, resizing the space bar so that your searches aren’t interrupted with periods. Besides making the space bar a lot larger, the blue “Go” button has also been trimmed down.

IMore has a guide on using the Apple Remote with the Apple TV to its fullest extent. Being able to do 15 different things with just seven buttons is pretty cool.

We know Tapbots are working on a redesigned version of Tweetbot for Mac, but the fourth Weekly Redesign Challenge over at Medium takes a look at what a redesigned Tweetbot might look like.

If you’re wondering why there’s such a gap between Apple announcing pricing and availability of the Apple Watch to actually making it available for sale, 9to5Mac says it’s because Apple needs to continue the momentum from revealing the product last year, as well as other points.

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  2. Over all the years I’ve had a device with a MagSafe charger, I’ve never once pulled out the cable by accident. I don’t think there’s too much to worry about without it.

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