Review: BookBook for iPhone 6 Plus

When it comes to wallets, I am an avowed back pocket, right side guy. I’ve been trying to keep it pretty minimal though, so the BookBook series has always been on my radar – but the idea of holding my wallet up to my face to take a call has kept me back. Not anymore.

The new BookBook for iPhone 6 Plus is the ultimate evolution of Twelve South’s wallet/case concept. The first model required the user to use a tab to slide the iPhone 4 up in order to take a photo; while the iPhone 5 model added a viewport for the camera lens, it still meant that in order to take a call the user needed to hold the whole assembly up to their face. Both versions also meant that in order to use the iPhone as anything but a phone or handheld device – for example docked as an alarm clock, or mounted in the car as a GPS – the user had to remove their iPhone from the BookBook and use it unprotected.

Thankfully, Twelve South have resolved all of these issues and more with the latest version for the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus. The iPhone now snaps into a lightweight shell that can be used as a standalone case with comparable protection to Apple’s leather and silicone cases. This shell then attaches to the BookBook by means of a system of tabs and slots to provide a snug and secure fit.

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In practice this works great – it quickly becomes second nature to attach and detach the shell from the BookBook. You can also use it as a stand for watching video, though wrangling it into this configuration is a bit more fiddly.

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The construction is top-notch. The exterior is a weathered leather while the inside is a soft suede. Over two weeks of use (including some interstate travel) it’s held up beautifully to the day-to-day rigours of being pulled out, attached, detached and put away.

As to whether it’s a viable replacement for your wallet, that depends on a few things. The first is whether you have few enough cards. The BookBook has four credit card slots and a fifth windowed slot for your ID, and it can fit two in each of those quite comfortably – but if you have more than one in each, it won’t close properly. It’s really designed to have one in each pocket. (The fringe benefit of the 6 Plus size is that bills can fit in the pocket behind the credit cards without being folded. It’s a small thing but it does help to cut down on bulk.)

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The second thing is whether your pockets can fit a combination iPhone and wallet. If you’re a skinny jean wearer it’s probably not for you (but then again, you probably can’t fit a naked 6 Plus in anyway). Though of course it was bulkier than the iPhone alone, I didn’t find it was deal-breakingly big.

I’m no longer a back pocket, right side guy – in fact I don’t carry a separate wallet anymore. The BookBook is the rare accessory that has changed the way I do things every day, and for that I recommend it highly.

The BookBook for iPhone 6 Plus is available now at $79.95 RRP. See for stockists.

Notable Replies

  1. I carry a couple of cards with me in my 6’s SurfacePad (easily the best iPhone case I’ve ever owned), but there’s some days when I need more than the two that the SurfacePad holds, but don’t want to carry a whole wallet.

    If Twelvesouth made a case that combined the BookBook’s functionality but the SurfacePad’s design, I’d totally be in. I much prefer the simple design of the SurfacePad to the BookBook’s vintage look.

  2. Weird that you didn’t take a front on, closed photo. Can’t really see what it looks like at all without heading away from AT.

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