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main-comp-empty-island-animationIn the face of rumours that say Apple will be launching a subscription TV service of its own, Re/Code is saying Comcast isn’t talking to Apple about TV, because Apple hasn’t started the conversation. The news pours cold water on Apple’s subscription TV plans, which were rumoured to include anywhere up to 25 channels for about $30-40 a month from content providers such as CBS, ABC, and Fox.

Going hands-on with the Apple Watch has been reserved for the privileged few, either at high-profile Apple events or behind closed doors at Apple HQ. Of the latter, one developer has spilled the beans about what the Apple Watch is like to work with. Under the strictest of security protocols, developers of major apps all had one-on-one time with the Apple Watch, with the Sport being described as “extremely light” and the 42mm case size being “neither too big or small”.

The Apple Watch is less than a month out, but already we’re seeing many third-party accessories from established iOS device accessory manufacturers. From charging docks, carbon fiber skins, custom bands and, of course, the occasional knock-off of the real thing, 9to5Mac has collected of some of the Apple Watch accessories thus far.

Wunderlist has shared their design process for their upcoming app for the Apple Watch, giving us a look at how designing for the Apple Watch differs from iPhone or iPad apps. It’s one thing to read through the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines, and in some cases, it’s actually a lot like designing for the iPhone with respect for extremely limited battery life and processing power.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the new Apple “spaceship” campus may be named after Steve Jobs, although it’s currently unknown if a specific part of the building will be named after the co-founder and former CEO or if the entire project will be dedicated to Jobs.

Cook has also said he’ll be giving away the majority of his cash before he dies, setting aside a small portion to fund his nephew’s education. Cook’s net worth currently hovers around the $1 billion mark, including his vested and unvested shares in Apple.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber interviewed the authors behind the latest Steve Jobs biography, “Becoming Steve Jobs”, which Gruber himself calls more accurate than Isaacson’s official version, even if it doesn’t paint Jobs in the best light. The interview was conducted at the SoHo Apple Store, and both audio and video is available for download from the iTunes Store.

App Store Review Guidelines History is exactly what it says on the box, tracking changes to Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines so you don’t have to.

Not that the new MacBook has any, but even if you’re not the biggest fan of the new design, like Gabe from Macdrifter, there’s yet hope. There’s plenty of time for Apple to update the MacBook Pro with Retina display lineup with something a little more substantial than new-fangled trackpads, and Gabe hopes we’ll see something a little closer to September.

Over at Macworld, Jason Snell looks at how thin is too thin. He writes there’s always a trade-off to going thinner, so where’s the limit?

Apple’s naming scheme is currently all over the shop. There’s the MacBook, which sports a Retina display while they sell a MacBook Pro that doesn’t (and still has an optical drive, to boot). The new MacBook is even thinner than the MacBook Air, which is sure to confuse a customer or two. Wired asks the question about what happens to the MacBook Air now, seeing as it has seemingly been out-MacBook Air-d by the new MacBook.

We close out the news with the announcement of yet another Apple website closer. Gary Allen has been running ifoAppleStore for 14 years, looking at Apple Retail go from strength to strength, through the good times and the bad. Now that everyone is interested in Apple Stores and more and more are popping up all over the world, his work is done. I’ll miss ifoAppleStore’s insight into the world of Apple Retail.

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