Friday Morning News

iphone_screen_sizesYour worst fears regarding the Apple Watch have just been realised: not only will you not be able to mix and match bands, stock will be so severely limited at launch that Apple Retail employees have been told to not expect “walk-in” sales of the Apple Watch. While there’s still a slim chance you’ll be able to pick up an Apple Watch at an Apple Store come April 24, the majority of the stock will go to pre-orders.

Apple Watch apps have begun showing up on the App Store, a month before general availability and two weeks before the general public has been able to get hands-on time with the Apple Watch. Several apps have already pushed updates to support the Apple Watch, which is curious given the zero lead time devs were given to support the new iPhone, although I guess it’s a slightly different scenario this time around.

Fitness First here in Australia has given us a look at the Apple Watch, with the wearable being shown off in a two-page spread on how the Watch will help you keep your fitness goals. The article, as described by AppleInsider, tells us about the working tracking abilities of the Apple Watch, as well as how the Apple Watch can remind us to keep moving throughout the day.

MacRumors claims there will be three new iPhones released this year. According to DigiTimes, this year’s iPhone refresh will include revamped editions of the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones, as well as a new 4-inch iPhone model. It’s unknown whether this newer 4-inch will have the same design as the iPhone 5 series or more closely resemble the iPhone 6, but the purported name for the new iPhone is the “iPhone 6C”. Read into that what you will.

Jimmy Iovine and Trent Reznor have been tasked by Apple to make a Spotify competitor, writes The Mac Observer. Apple’s upcoming music service will be like Spotify, except with Iovine at the helm — and instead of letting engineers dictate how the app works, Reznor will oversee the process of app development.

Another day, another irrelevant Apple TV channel for Australians. The new CNNgo channel marks the first time CNN content is available on the Apple TV, but like other channels, you’ll need a CNN cable subscription to be able to view it.

MacStories has words about Facebook’s new push for Messenger to be a platform, integrating apps into the service to provide extras on top of basic communication functionality. These “extensions” let you do anything from share GIFs over Messenger to recording short movies, but the way Facebook is promoting the apps versus extensions is interesting.

An significant Instapaper update adds Rapid Serial Visual Presentation as a speed-reading option, as well as improving the speed at which articles save from the iOS extension. You’ll also get instant sync of articles, which can be hit or miss depending on your current network connection.

9to5Mac tells us about ten reasons why Apple is responsible for the decline of the iPad. Some of the reasons are so-so (Chromebooks? Eh?), but others present a compelling case why iPad growth has faltered.

If we’re talking about the 12-inch elephant in the room, then we absolutely have to talk about Apple’s best 12-inch laptop to date. No, it’s not the new MacBook with Retina display, it’s the 12-inch PowerBook G4, perhaps one of the greatest laptops of all time.

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