Wednesday Morning News

exolens-stock-image-smaller-2Yet more Apple Watch pricing speculation kicks off this morning’s news, this time from Dave Mark from The Loop. Mark writes Edition pricing will probably start at around $5,000, which more closely aligns with watches from Tag Heuer, rather than Rolex; definitely on the upmarket side of the scale, yet not in the stratosphere.

If you’ve been to an Apple Store lately you’ll know how insane it can be — people everywhere, milling around display tables, browsing iPhone cases, or just standing around waiting for Genius Bar appointments. A report from 9to5Mac claims Apple will be overhauling the Genius Bar experience to make things work a little more efficiently. The updated iConcierge system uses a series of text messages to better inform customers about wait times, and can intelligently queue customers so higher-priority issues are looked at before customers with relatively minor quibbles.

Europe is getting the tokenisation technology that’s the backbone of Apple Pay, thanks to Visa rolling out the vastly more secure payments system in the region by mid-April. While we haven’t heard anything about an Apple Pay rollout in Australia, it’s interesting to note that Visa has also started to roll out token-based payment systems in Australia, which will be one of the first steps to Apple launching Apple Pay internationally.

MacRumors says Samsung will be supplying memory chips for the next iPhone, with DRAM going to both the next iPhone as well as LG’s next flagship handset like Apple and Samsung are best buddies.

Apple’s latest acquisition is Camel Audio, who make a popular synth plugin called Alchemy. The acquisition of the digital audio effects maker points to a likely inclusion in the next version of Logic Pro X, as AppleInsider puts it.

If becoming a badass iOS developer is something you aspire to, the first thing you’ll want to do is read this post on Medium that tells you everything you need to know to get started. If you’re new to programming, that means doing some learning some fundamentals before diving into the intricacies of Objective-C, learning iOS development specifically, and interestingly enough, avoiding step-by-step tutorials that can do more harm than good.

Over at MacStories, Federico Viticci checks out Evernote’s new Scannable app. It’s good, he says, even if it lacks the features of a more professional OCR tool such as Scanbot — the OCR in Scannable works well, and it’s user-friendly enough that most people will be able to use it without too much trouble.

Macworld takes a look at Forge from Adonit, who were in the business of making iPad styluses and are now in the business of making apps. Forge is their first app, and it’s a brainstorming tool that lets you use whatever method you’re most comfortable with to get ideas down — scribbling, drawing, or sketching.

MacRumors has a review of the ExoLens, what they say is a professional photography system for the iPhone 6. Like most of these, it’s a case-like accessory with a number of interchangeable lenses, but it’s kind of expensive at $130.

Thanks to the virtues of the international date line, we’re celebrating what would have been Steve Jobs’ 60th birthday yesterday, today. Tim Cook’s tweet earlier this morning speaks volumes about a man who was an inspiration to us all.

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