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clamcase-pro-2When word leaks from one Apple employee that the company is working on something that “will give Tesla a run for its money”, the immediate conclusion you jump to is cars. Even though that may seem somewhat far-fetched (yes, even for Apple rumour blogs), Business Insider says it’s also a possibility Apple is working on some other kind of in-car technology that rival’s Tesla’s current experience.

Or perhaps Apple isn’t working on something car-related at all, and is instead looking at changing the energy landscape. Speaking at Goldman Sach’s Technology and Internet conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed plans for Apple to build a brand-new solar farm in California. The 1,300 acre, $850 million solar farm will power Apple’s still-under-construction Campus, as well as providing enough energy to cover other corporate offices in California, the data center in California, and the 52 Apple Stores in the state.

If you’re interested, iMore has the full transcript of what Cook said at the Technology and Internet conference available for you to read.

There’s a MacBook Air refresh on the way, and we know that because Apple has started cutting down inventory of current MacBook Air models. Expect stock levels to drop over the next few weeks as suppliers see fewer shipments of the machines coming from Apple — and if you’ve been looking at a new MacBook Air, the general advice would be to hold off for a couple of weeks to see how things pan out.

The next iPhone will ship with an improved Touch ID sensor, mostly because Apple Pay will require a more reliable fingerprint sensor with less read errors. Anecdotally, I haven’t heard of any iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users having any issues with the Touch ID sensors on their iPhones — the iPhone 5s, however, was rife with complaints.

In the race to be the first with cases for the newest iPhones, accessory makers may choose to look for unauthorised specifications based on leaks. Apple is clamping down on that practice, forcing accessory manufacturers to sign agreements that they won’t seek out information about future Apple devices.

Jason Snell discovers there’s a hard link between old iPhoto Libraries and the new Photos photo library.

Gabe from MacDrifter has switched to 1Password for two-factor authentication, even though dedicated apps exist for that kind of thing (looking at you, Authy). The reason, he says, is that it’s more convenient having all of his two-factor passwords in one place, synced across all his devices.

A Better Window Manager doesn’t let you tile your windows like my current favourite Divvy does, but it does let you remember your favourite window positions for you. It’s arguably a problem that’s already solved by OS X itself, but it still may be useful for some. Also in Mac apps, if the tutorials are anything to go by, the new Affinity photo editor looks like a really cool piece of kit.

9to5Mac wraps things up this morning with a review of the ClamCase Pro for iPad Air 2. It’s one of those keyboard cases that makes your iPad resemble a MacBook Air, if only the latter had a touchscreen.

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