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Earth Primer iconAs far as the release of iOS 8.2 goes, there’s one of two paths it could take. For starters, it could be released at the same time as the Apple Watch, being a kind of software update that brings the iPhone up to speed with all the features of the Apple Watch. Or alternatively, and perhaps the more likely of the two options, it could be released just before the official launch of the Apple Watch, say, in March — and that’s exactly what MacRumors are saying about the release of iOS 8.2.

Rumour has it Apple SVP Retail and Online Angela Ahrendts will be bringing big changes to Apple Retail Stores, starting with physical changes to the layout. New seating areas is one of the first ideas on the table, in addition to the stools at the Genius Bar — the idea being that instead of customers standing around waiting to be served, they can take a seat and wait comfortably. The move will be rolled out on a trial basis in select US and Europe stores, with Apple evaluating feedback as it comes.

The latest adoption numbers of iOS 8 stand at 72%. AppleInsider notes that’s nearly double any Android version, where Android 4.4 KitKat leads the way at just under 40%, and Android 5.0 Lollipop basically doesn’t even register on the scale at just 1.6% of devices.

If you’re using the re-skinned version of Outlook for iOS in a work environment, you may want to think twice about that in light of dire security issues surrounding the app. Like many email apps, Outlook (nee Accomli) routes your email through its servers, which may cause your IT department to go ballistic, depending on how much they care about that sort of thing.

The iPhone is so incredibly successful that it has to be impacting the decisions Apple makes, Jason Snell writes over at Six Colors. That may turn out to be a blessing or a curse for the Apple Watch, where Snell says that all it has to do is please a bunch of iPhone users — and if everything I’ve read about the Apple Watch is true, the wearable gadget is turning out to be a perfect iPhone companion.

A redesigned Tweetbot for Mac has been teased by Tapbots in a blurry-cam shot reminiscent of earlier part leaks, alongside what appears to be a Calcbot redesign for iOS devices. The company has previously said it’s working on Tweetbot 3 for iPad, but which version will release first is anyone’s guess.

Earth: A Primer is today’s awesome iOS app of the day. It’s an exploration/discovery type app filled with interactivity, letting you learn all sorts of things about how the science behind the planet we live on works. Great for curiously-minded kids or like-minded grown-ups alike, Earth: A Primer is $12.99 on the Australian App Store.

Phone Expander for the Mac frees up space on your iOS device by clearing caches and deleting unwanted apps. The Mac app also lets you backup and delete videos, with music functionality coming soon. Mashable takes a look.

IMore has five great tips on making the best of bad lighting for your iPhone photos.

TUAW is shutting up shop today. They’ll be archiving content over at that other AOL blog, Engadget, but other than that, that’s kind of it for the website. Apple World Today seems the likely successor for many of the bloggers from TUAW, and a few TUAW staffers have posted farewell posts. So long and thanks for all the fish, indeed. Vale, TUAW.

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