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digitalcrown-6cThe New Yorker has a profile of Jony Ive, and while the Senior VP of Design has been profiled before, there’s still things we don’t know about the man. Described as “impeccably solicitous”, “deeply, deeply, tired”, and “always anxious”, Sir Jonathan Ive is one of two most valuable people in the world’s most valuable company. And that makes him, I think, somewhat special.

A summary of the points of Ive’s profile is available from The Verge, who point out a number of things we learned about the man, as well as some of his friends.

Jason Calacanis postulates Apple will buy Tesla for $75 billion in 18 months. He lists 18 reasons why that’s going to be the case, especially given recent Apple self-driving car rumours — there’s no denying Apple and Tesla are alike, but $75 billion? That’s a lot of cash. (Gruber’s take is that if this was going to happen, it would have happened already.)

Jean-Louise Gaseé says that while Apple certainly has the cash to go into the “century-old” auto industry, it doesn’t make sense for the consumer technology company to do so. There’s simply no money in cars like there is in, say, iPhones. No, the Apple self-driving electric car rumour remains simply that, at least for now.

What’s up with the digital crown on the Apple Watch? Eagle-eyed Dan Moren from Six Colours spots that it’s coloured differently based on the strap based on images from the Apple website, which prompts questions.

A thread on the Apple support communities website says there’s an issue with the Thunderbolt display which causes it to broadcast unicast traffic over networks, for seemingly no apparent reason. Like all good issues, it’s completely random and also extremely uncommon.

9to5Mac has a guide on replacing the hard drive in your iMac with a much faster SSD. They point out all the bits and pieces you’ll need, including the in-line digital thermal sensor so your fans don’t run at full blast. 9to5Mac also recently published a guide to doing the same thing on the Mac mini, Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro, all of which are entire orders of magnitude easier than an iMac.

MacStories tells you how to make a custom keyboard shortcut for two menu items with the same name, via a Mac OS X Hint that says you can use the “->” operator to choose a menu item path.

Good news, folks: VLC is making its way back to the App Store, after being removed not once, but twice. It’s not currently showing up in the App Store for me, but if you’ve downloaded the app before you should be able to access an updated version via your purchase history.

I guess if Apple CEO says that Apple isn’t a hardware company, then Apple isn’t a hardware company. Via Ben Bajarin’s Techpinions.

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