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img_2356The biggest news from the world of Apple overnight is that iOS 9 will have a huge stability and optimisation focus, after consecutive years of feature additions. Like OS X Snow Leopard, iOS 9 will fix bugs, maintain stability, and boost performance like no other release before it, according to 9to5Mac. With the release expected to be unveiled sometime later this year, it’s high time Apple took a step back and doubled-down on something other than secrecy after two big years in the iOS space.

The latest beta of iOS 8.3 adds support for wireless CarPlay and more diverse emoji, just like its similarly-versioned desktop counterpart. Wireless CarPlay will work over a normal Bluetooth connection, giving you greater freedom when using it for shorter trips (provided you have a CarPlay-compatible head unit in the first place). In other iOS 8 news, 9to5Mac also says iOS 8.4 has been spotted in website logs, which may include Apple’s upcoming music service.

What music service I hear you ask? I’m glad you did, because TechCrunch explains it like Apple will become a record label, after rumours the company would be acquiring Taylor Swift’s label, Big Machine. Apple has been in the music business for years with iTunes, so it seems only logical that they’d also be in the business of owning music too, and not just selling it.

Rumour has it the Apple Watch will feature a third-party glucose tracking app at launch. The news comes via The Wall Street Journal, who reports DexCom’s companion app and a continuous glucose monitoring system implanted underneath the user’s skin would provide more accurate glucose and blood-sugar related data than traditional pin-prick measurements.

Setting aside the totally new MacBook Air for a second, AppleInsider expects we’ll see a MacBook Air refresh later this month. The new models will mostly just be a minor speed bump with Intel’s Broadwell chips, landing on February 24th. Whether we’ll see the update in an Apple event around the same time or just as a silent Online Store update is anyone’s guess, however.

The first next-generation iPhone rumour I’ve heard is from MacRumors, who claims the camera in the iPhone 6s will retain the same 8-megapixel shooter on the rear of the unit. There’s basically no benefits to going to more megapixels without also improving lens or sensor quality, as companies like HTC would gladly tell you, so this same megapixel count makes sense.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop apologises for The Loop Magazine’s recent erratic schedule of late, and promises an even better future for one of the App Store’s highest-quality magazine apps.

Apple World Today has a really unique domain, but at the heart of it, is mostly the same as TUAW was not that long ago. Like the also recently-launched Six Colours, I’ll be adding it to my list of Apple-related blogs and look forward to reading it.

An unsolicited redesign of the iOS Notification Center says it improves usability by making things interactive right from within notifications, but don’t we already have that? Isn’t it up to third-party apps to provide actionable notifications in Notification Center?

Apple’s latest ad is one that explores how the iPad helps Swedish singer and rapper Elliphant make music. There’s a page on Apple’s website that explores the apps used, otherwise a video that puts it all together.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    Looking forward to Snow iOS8. Hopefully it will bring a Safari that doesn’t constantly have to reload pages.

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