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B83RXAGCUAEuLVsApple’s failed sapphire manufacturing plant in Arizona will be turned into a data center. At the cost of $2 billion, Apple’s former sapphire manufacturing plant will be converted into a command center for its global network of data centers, with the Wall Street Journal reporting Apple also plans to build a solar farm capable of generating 70 megawatts to power the facility.

The fifth beta of iOS 8.2 has been seeded to developers, making a public release of iOS 8.2 imminent. The changelog only lists bug fixes and improvements, although you can bet there’s Apple Watch-related stuff hidden away from prying eyes. With the reveal of the Apple Watch app icon today, we’re getting pretty close to the release of the Apple Watch and iOS 8.2 with it.

The developers of to-do app Todoist have announced they’ll be bringing their app to the Apple Watch, showing off video and screenshots of the app in action. You’ll be able to check out your tasks at a glance, as well as mark items completed or schedule them for a later time. No Apple hardware is available for the Todoist team to test on just yet, but what they’ve done with the simulator thus far is pretty impressive.

Michael Fassbender will be playing the part of Steve Jobs in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic from Michael Sorkin and Universal. Although Fassbender doesn’t exactly resemble Jobs as revealed by on-set imagery, Seth Rogen has the part of Steve Wozniak down pat.

OS X Daily has the guide on turning off iMessage if you’re switching to something than an iPhone, if only temporarily. That’s all well and good, but their guide is simply a re-write of something Apple already have: the official deregister iMessage webpage on Apple’s website has all the info you need to deactivate iMessage before jumping ship, and should be the first port of call for those looking to solve iMessage issues.

I’m on the hunt for an iOS text editor, since my current favourite doesn’t support the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Letterspace looks like the simple note-taking alternative I’ve been looking for, but the one thing it lacks is Dropbox support for syncing. I already have the excellent Vesper for when I just want to type, the last thing I need is yet another app that syncs to a service that I don’t use. Still, Letterspace is pretty good, and there’s a companion Mac app available too.

Jason Snell talks about editing his podcasts, over at Six Colors. Logic is overkill for podcast editing by any stretch of the imagination, but it does have the tools that make editing a little easier for his podcasts that usually have as many as six participants.

Not only did Apple report its biggest quarter ever, it also reported the biggest earnings of any company, ever. IPhones are now a bigger business than all of Microsoft, but where to from here? MG Siegler jokes Apple should become an oil company, but I think it’s pretty clear that anything they do will pale in comparison to iPhones.

Kirk McElhearn says Apple may be thinking about bringing eBooks back to iTunes, with the hidden Books and PDF playlists in iTunes now. At first the company looked like they were stripping back iTunes features when they released the separate iBooks app on the Mac, but the fact of the mater is, iTunes still does a lot with eBooks.

CarPlay is a great idea. An Apple-supported in-car infotainment system, on a platform that likely won’t see a lot of upgrades over a long period of time. But if there was one reason for you not to invest in CarPlay, the Apple Watch would be it, as explained by 9to5Mac.

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  1. I have read that, even in Yosemite, if you uninstall iBooks you’ll get the old functionality back in iTunes. Some people have done this because iTunes allows you to edit the meta data on books and iBooks won’t let you. Has anyone tried this?

    I’ve considered converting everything to Kindle but iBooks ability to copy and paste is what keeps me there. If iBooks allowed for editing meta data it’d be just about perfect in my eyes.

  2. I could be missing something, but isn’t that what Kirk says it does in his post? About halfway down — change the media type to “book”, then you can edit the metadata.

  3. Aaron Sorkin

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