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swapping_hardware_largeTalking to Apple Store employees in Berlin, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the Apple Watch will be water resistant, capable of withstanding a shower or a little rainfall. Cook also revealed he charges his Apple Watch every night, confirming earlier reports about day-long battery life for Apple’s wearable. As for Apple Pay rolling out in Europe, the only thing Cook had to say about that was that Apple were looking at a “sometime before the end of the year” timeframe.

Apple has been ordered to pay half a billion in an iTunes-related lawsuit, after a federal judge ruled Apple infringed on the patents of one Smartflash, LLC. According to MacRumors, Apple infringes on its patents related to DRM, data storage, and managing access via payment systems. Apple plans to appeal the decision, claiming Smartfish is exploiting the patent system.

People thought the Apple Car was all a big joke, but in light of significant hires and multiple reports from independent sources, it seems like the Apple Car may eventually be a thing. Jason Snell’s take on the Apple Car is that while it all seems a little far-fetched, the probability is that Apple has done its homework and will only enter a market it believes it can make an impact in.

Jean-Louise Gasée has similar thoughts, saying Apple’s Car project brings serious publicity and a lofty goal: there’s plenty of people who know what they’re doing when it comes to cars, and Apple, as the newcomer to the market, has plenty big shoes to fill.

Apple’s website has a page dedicated to one of the first films edited in Final Cut Pro X, with Focus being the, uh, focus, of the page showing off how Final Cut Pro X contributed to the post-production of the film. The Focus page has plenty of quotes from directors involved with the film about the qualities of Final Cut Pro X, but I like the part where they say the built-in titles are good enough for the film itself.

Like it says on the website, “ResXtreme is a free Mac OS X display mode utility created by the author of EasyRes”, with the latter being a great utility for changing resolutions on internal and external displays. What ResXtreme brings to the table is even more display modes, those exposed by private API calls which wouldn’t fly in an official App Store app, which EasyRes is and ResXtreme isn’t.

9to5Mac has a guide on upgrading the SSD in your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina display. What kind of upgrade you’ll be able to do depends on your specific model of machine, but apart from that, all you’ll need is the right tools for the job.

MacRumors points to an Ad Age report which says podcasts are entering a golden age again, seeing a resurgence thanks to popular episodic content, much like the widely-lauded Serial. I don’t think the popularity of podcasts was ever in question, though — they’ve always been a not-quite-niche, not-quite mainstream form of entertainment.

Rene Ritchie of iMore wants a file-manging app in iOS 9, and he says that with the introduction of the iCloud Document Picker, we’re pretty much halfway there.

Luis Abreu writes about his experience interviewing for a position at Apple. He was eventually rejected for the position, but the process was extremely long, he says.

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