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hero_sport_green_xlargeAhead of the Apple Watch launch, which Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed to be shipping in April, Apple has begun training Apple Retail employees on the Apple Watch. 9to5Mac says no additional details about the device have been revealed thus far, which is disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. TechRadar has a summary of every watch band and case so far, showing us all the possible combinations from Watch and band designs.

A report from Bloomberg claims Apple and Telsa are fighting over employees, with Telsa having hired over 150 former Apple employees, more than any other company. Kind of weird, until you consider car companies (and most of all, Telsa) are mostly tech companies now — sure, there’s plenty of engineering that goes into the physical, but making it work behind-the-scenes and on your smartphone are equally important considerations.

If the next update for Yosemite adding more diverse emoji doesn’t float your boat, perhaps the news it will also support two-factor authentication for many internet services will. Changing the skin colour for those little emoji faces might be important for some, but I’d wager that being able to securely sign in to Google Accounts on your Mac will be just as important, if not more so.

Photos for OS X will be coming out “Spring 2015”, which means April for us in the Southern Hemisphere. If iMore has the answers to your Photos for OS X questions, including whether you’ll be able to import your photos from Aperture or iPhoto (yes!), then Ars Technica has the hands-on with Apple’s latest tool to manage your photos. Good to know you won’t have to use iCloud photos to store all your photos in the cloud, if you don’t want to.

From a week or so back: Stanford has published a “Developing iOS 8 apps with Swift” course in iTunes U, if that’s something you’re looking to get into. The course lists C and object-oriented programming language experience, but it’s awesome that we live in a world where this kind of resource is available for free.

Apple University comes up every now and again, but it’s mostly a rehash of the same thing, because I assume things don’t change that much. The latest rehash comes from Business Insider, who point out what it’s like to attend Apple’s secret university which teaches very specialised topics.

Over at iMore, Jason Snell describes what it was like to change from a long-time Macworld staffer to an independent writer, which puts into perspective the kind of change Apple itself must be going through all the time. It’s interesting to think about how Apple handles change, considering how large it is — do things move more slowly because decisions can’t be made rashly?

I won’t pretend to know all about the financial jargon behind this post on Apple raising debt despite holding $178 billion of cash, but the logic seems sound enough. From what I do understand, raising debt makes sense because of interest rates, or something. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Twitter says iOS 8 made it lose users, with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo saying a bug in iOS 8’s Twitter integration was responsible for the drop in users. But Macworld dug a little deeper, finding out it was actually Twitter that made the error — either in counting iOS users as Twitter users despite them never visiting Twitter.

IMore has over twenty cool keyboard tricks to speed up how good you are with the iOS 8 keyboard. Recent changes to the keyboard size with the new iPhones has put my own keyboard accuracy out a little, but not enough to impact my overall typing speed, especially when combined with the generally-OK autocorrect in iOS.

MacRumors has a review of an electric toothbrush that’s has its own app to track and analyse your brushing, if you’ve been wondering what kind of a world we live in.

Touch Arcade says Nintendo is considering bringing smartphone games to the 3DS, but there’s the school of thought that says they’re going about things the wrong way. What they should be doing is bringing 3DS games to smartphones — like Sega, who recently announced they’d be shutting down console development and focusing on PC and mobile.

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