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Screen_Shot_2015-02-26_at_12.03.09_PM.0.0OK, first things first: Apple has announced a special event, to be held at the Yerba Buena center for the arts. What many are expecting to be the definitive Apple Watch event revealing more details about the wearable will happen on March 9, which makes it early Tuesday morning for us Aussies.

If you’re familiar with Apple’s financials, news that Apple takes 89% of smartphone profits in Q4 should come as no real surprise. Techcrunch says that while Android dominates smartphone market share, Apple has the lion’s share of the profits, some $18.8 billion in total.

The latest update to Apple Maps include animated 3D imagery for the app’s 3D Flyover feature. Big Ben in the UK now shows the correct time, for example, and the London Eye now rotates. You can hardly call it a significant improvement, but it is a nice touch — another way Apple sweats the small stuff.

China has dropped Apple from the officially-approved technology buy list, and The Mac Observer says this means Chinese government officials can’t purchase Apple products. It’s not just Apple that’s been dropped, either, as a number of other US-based companies were also dropped, with security concerns the likely reasoning.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will be giving the commencement address at George Washington University in May. A press release from GWU also says they’ll be bestowing an honorary degree upon the chief of Apple at the event.

The Wall Street Journal reports Apple’s presence in Israel is related to chip design. 9to5Mac says Apple recently “hired most of the local employees of a chip design company shut down by Texas Instruments and is advertising new positions in silicon and semiconductor design”.

Brian Lovin breaks down some of the design details in Instagram, looking at some of the more subtle touches and little animations that make the app feel great.

Spotify is adding lyrics to their desktop apps, so that you can sing along to your streaming music. But the bigger app news is that there’s a Kickstarter for Zoombinis — you guys know Zoombinis, right? Man, I used to spend hours at the local library playing the game. The Kickstarter says that the remake will be made available for iOS and Android devices, which is a sign of the times if I’ve ever seen one.

If you’ve been hooked on the endless runner (or should I say skiier/snowboarder) that is Alto’s Adventure, Dan Moren has a few tips for the game over at Six Colors.

Enough Apple Watch price speculation, I say. Just in case you thought the Edition wasn’t going to be quite expensive enough for you, a company called Brikk has announced they’ll gladly sell you an Apple Watch that’s been completely bling-ed out — the most expensive of which comes in 24 karat gold and 12.3 karats of diamonds. The price? A cool $70,000.

The news returns on Tuesday, the 17th of March.

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  1. Angus says:

    March 9 is my birthday. Coincidence?!? I think not!!

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