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self-magazine-apple-watchWhen it comes to questions about the Apple Watch, the question of how Apple will market the device comes up just as often as how much the Apple Watch will cost, or when it will become available. AppleInsider points to a rumour claiming Apple will market the device in unique displays, perhaps featured at high-end department stores in Paris. It remains to be seen how Apple will be marketing a luxury timepiece in its own Retail locations, which don’t exactly give off the same vibe as a jewellery store or other high-end fashion store.

You can bet there was at least one person at Apple who received a pat on the back. Reason being, the Apple Watch will be displayed on the front page of US magazine SELF, worn on the wrist of supermodel Candice Swanepoel. If nothing else, it means Apple is serious about the Apple Watch being a fashion item as much as a technology accessory for the iPhone.

Fine, let’s talk about how much the Apple Watch Edition will cost. 9to5Mac readers expect the 18-karat solid-gold Apple Watch Edition to come in at under US $4,500, but will it? Estimates of the gold content in the Apple Watch Edition put the raw price of gold at around $1,200, but Apple needs to build in a hefty margin so they’re not constantly changing the price of the Edition with fluctuating gold prices.

Weighing in on the issue of the Apple Watch featuring more sensors and then toning things down a bit, John Gruber writes that although he doesn’t know how the Apple product development process worked for the Apple Watch, reporting from the Wall Street Journal doesn’t seem right to him. He admits that Apple expected to release the Apple Watch in 2014, but for whatever reason, delays happened.

Six Colors has a summary of everything we know about the Apple Watch so far, answering questions about the device with as much gusto as possible. The Apple Watch has been an outlier for Apple, in that we haven’t known price or release date details until about a month before: since when did Apple get into the business of announcing products months before their actual ship date?

9to5Mac runs through the experts hired by Apple to build an electric car. There’s safety engineers, mechanical engineers, transmission designers, product managers, and even HR/recruiters to look for even more employees for Apple.

In fact, Apple has employed so many engineers for its electric car project that one electric car battery maker is suing Apple for poaching its employees (stop me if that sounds familiar). The Verge reports A123 Systems claims Apple has been “systematically hiring away [its] high-tech PhD and engineering employees”.

After years of denying an issue with graphics cards on 2011 MacBook Pros (after having completed a repair program for iMacs with similar video issues), Apple has kicked off a Repair Extension Program for MacBook Pros with video issues. Symptoms include distorted or no video, or unexpected system restarts, and if your machine is one of the affected models, you should be eligible for a cost-free repair under the program. Apple’s website has more info.

Internet service If This Then That has launched a trio of new iPhone apps, with the “Do” series of apps simplifying things for common actions performed by the service. There’s still integration with third-party services, and MacStories has a good overview.

If you’re looking for something to play this weekend, you could check out Drop7, an app that was originally released four years ago and updated just recently. Otherwise, the highly-praised endless-scroller Alto’s Adventure is also fresh out of the oven, and MacStories seemed to like it. Drop7 is free, on the App Store, while Alto’s Adventure is $2.49, on the Australian App Store.

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