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11816-5202-Screen-Shot-2015-02-12-at-92142-AM-lBillionaire investor Carl Icahn says Apple is actually worth around $1.3 trillion, double its current market cap. To say Icahn has a vested interested in Apple is an understatement: the man owns around $6.5 billion in Apple stock, and he’s saying that a realistic valuation of the company is 20 times its earnings per share. Factor in Apple’s $178 billion in cash, and voila, $1.3 trillion.

Apple’s solution for better image quality on iPhones involves using mirrors to compensate for user movement. Current optical image stabilisation techniques involve moving the lens, image sensor, or both, but Apple’s latest patent says these methods are not ideal. Their patent for “mirror tilt actuation” has a much larger camera assembly that involves a movable mirror, which directs light to the rest of the movable lenses.

Pinterest’s app pins now let you install apps right from Pinterest itself, which is kind of cool. Anything that lets users discover apps that’s better than the App Store is a plus, in my books.

Linking to a piece where he’s called out for wishful thinking regarding the Apple Watch, John Gruber of Daring Fireball says he expects another event before the release of the Apple Watch. What he doesn’t expect is anything entirely new: there’ll be a few more details revealed about the Apple Watch, but Apple’s quiet confidence about the product is more telling than any event.

HealthKit is all about the data, but what kinds of gadgets exist to monitor your own health information? Macworld’s Marco Tabini spent the month looking at his own weight and blood pressure with the help of a few gadgets, and while he wasn’t impressed with the requirement of needing to create online accounts for all of his personal information, the mediocre implementation of HealthKit itself meant it was difficult to tell how much he was improving over time.

Ignoring the fact Re/code’s explanation of what, exactly, a carrier settings update is contains the word “YOLO” in the third sentence, the truth is actually quite mundane and boring. Somewhere, a network engineer is scrambling for his keyboard to type out a response that says carrier settings updates are what makes the world go around.

A Snow Leopard release of iOS might not include any groundbreaking new features, but that doesn’t mean it has to do away with little refinements and improvements. But I still feel as some of the Control Center improvements as listed by Six Colors take things a little too far — there’s very little chance we’ll see custom launch icons, for example.

The Phorm case for iPad mini uses microfluids to raise little bumps on the iPad display where the keys are. The idea is that you’ll be able to get a more tactile experience when typing using the built-in iOS keyboard, but already I see one major flaw with the keyboard, as pointed out by 9to5Mac: it only works in the portrait orientation.

Dark Echo looks like something I’d enjoy playing: Touch Arcade describes it as a “a minimalist, stage-based horror game with a focus on audio”, where you can build up a picture of your surroundings by making noise which echoes of the walls — but can also attract things that want to kill you. “Your echoes will show you empty areas with white lines, dangerous thing with red lines, switches with yellow lines, and water with blue lines.”

If you’re bored this weekend, iMore has a few fun things you can do with iMessage. Ah yes, the good ol’ iMessage Connect Four.

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