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11615-4691-150120-Gaze-lIf the analysts are correct, Apple could see record-breaking Mac and iPhone sales in the holiday quarter. According to Morgan-Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, iPhone sales could reach as high as 69 million units sold, with Macs at an impressive 5.8 million units. Both estimates are above similar estimates from other analysts, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what the actual numbers are.

A new patent from Apple takes a look at eye-tracking and visual control tech. The explanation from AppleInsider says the patent for “systems and methods for counteracting a perceptual fading of a movable indicator” deals with the Troxler Effect, which suggests Apple is looking into minimising the effect when a user is staring at a display, countering the effects of the fade due to the Troxler Effect.

Apple’s latest Retail Store in China is in Hangzhou, and the location has been shown off in a video showcasing an impressive Chinese mural on a white background surrounding a red Apple logo. IMore even has the translation of the writing, which turns out to be the West Lake poem by Su Shi.

For the first time, all 150,000 of Khan Academy’s courses are now available on the iPad. The Khan Academy website has always offered the full range of videos, but a recent update to the Khan Academy iPad app brings the entire library onto your iOS device. The app itself has also improved significantly, with handwriting recognition and speed the main focuses there.

Six Colors takes a look at Audio Hijack 3, hot off the press from Rogue Amoeba. It’s the best audio utility out there for doing anything with sound, and the new version turns it up to 11 with a session grid that lets you drag and drop blocks to create your own audio processing workflow.

An update to Chrome for iOS brings an updated design as well as Handoff support for the web browser. It also has support for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, plus the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

It’s hard to go past 1Password for password management on the Mac and iOS devices, but I know a few people that seem pretty happy with LastPass. The LastPass Mac app made its debut overnight, and although the feature set is pretty basic to start off with, it’s a good start.

Kirk McElhearn points out a few iTunes features that have since been retired over the years, thanks to Apple taking iTunes in a different direction or just choosing to revamp the app for seemingly no reason at all. While the current version of iTunes does mostly everything I want it to, there’s always discussion on whether it should be completely re-thought, or even split out into separate apps altogether.

Rene Ritchie says Apple could be doing a whole lot more, if the next iPhone does have 2GB of RAM. Apps wouldn’t need to unload as often, things like Safari tabs could stay in memory for longer, and overall the system would feel faster thanks to the improved caching performance.

A look at App Store metrics suggests the distribution is something like 95-5, where 95% of the revenue goes to just 5% of the apps, but the numbers suggest the split may be even more extreme. “Luckily, there’s a lot of money to be made in that long tail. At the top of the long tail, in position 871 on the U.S. Top Grossing list, an app still makes over $700 in revenue per day. That’s almost $260,000 per year. Even number 1,908 on the U.S. Top Grossing list makes over $100,000 per year”, Charles Perry writes.

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