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Chrome Remote Desktop iconRumour has Apple will be launching the 12-inch MacBook Air this quarter. The machine — which is expected to come with very few ports, whatever they are — is set for a release sometime this quarter, with Digitimes saying Apple are bringing on more staff to help with production. They’re also claiming the machine will replace the 11-inch MacBook Air, instead of being an entirely new product line.

One of the biggest problems about the Apple Watch is that you won’t be able to upgrade it when newer tech comes around. But what if you could? Traditional watches typically aren’t upgradeable, but The Mac Observer wonders if Apple have thought of everything with the Apple Watch and want upgrades to be possible for your fashion statement of a watch.

The numbers from IDC say Apple could hit an all-time high for Macs sold during a quarter. It’s entirely possible Apple will hit 5.75 million Macs this quarter — buoyed, perhaps, by the release of a new model — despite consecutive declines in general PC shipments.

The iTunes “Single of the Week” promo has been running for more than ten years, and Apple has axed the promotion. The promo hasn’t been updated all month, and yesterday an Apple support employee confirmed the promo had been cancelled. It’s not known why or whether it will ever make a return, but maybe Apple isn’t in the business of giving things away.

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop is exactly what it says on the box, letting you access a computer at home from your iPhone or iPad. For those looking for LogMeIn alternatives, Chrome Remote Desktop will be right up your alley.

IMore has the guide on copying and pasting between Macs and iOS devices. There’s really only a few apps out there that do this kind of thing for text content, and CloudClip and Command-C are both solid solutions that solve different problems.

IMore also checks out DiskWarrior 5. There’s big changes compared to version 4, starting with 64-bit support and noticeably faster performance thanks to an almost complete re-write. For working with hard drives or any kind of filesystem problem, DiskWarrior is the software you’re looking for and an invaluable tool in any support toolkit.

According to Benedict Evans, WhatsApp now has 700 monthly active users sending 300 billion messages per day. “For comparison, the global SMS system sees about 20bn messages a day”, he writes, and the numbers from WhatsApp always blow my mind. I’d be interested to know what the numbers for iMessage are, but they’re likely only in the tens of billions, if that.

Improving the address book isn’t easy, but how about we start with actually using it? How many times have you contacted friends and family over the last week or so, and out of those times, how often did you open the address book to do so? That’s the address book paradox, over at Medium.

As far as smartphone cameras go, the iPhone is one of the best. Over at the Verge, Vlad Savov writes that to beat the iPhone, you have to beat the iPhone’s camera — but what he’s really saying is that to make a better iPhone, you have to have the same end-to-end integration between hardware and software that Apple does. And that’s a tough ask, for most companies.

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