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img_12491Thanks to a Chinese Apple news and rumour site and republished by 9to5Mac, we now have photos of what’s claimed to be the display assembly of the 12-inch MacBook Air. As far as part leaks go, this one isn’t giving much away — the display itself is said to have a Retina-class resolution, although no pixel count has been observed or detailed. There’s also no evidence of the bottom half of the computer, but there are photos of the display assembly being compared to a current iPad Air.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest says Apple will begin shipping the Apple Watch in March, with Apple revealing more details about the device before preorders begin. The 12-inch MacBook Air, on the other hand, still only has a potential launch date of sometime this quarter. It’d be nice if Apple had an event in the first half of this year to announce a few things.

The upcoming 10.10.2 update for OS X Yosemite fixes the Thunderstrike bootkit attack, as detailed by Ars Technica. The release also includes fixes for security vulnerabilities as revealed by Google in their latest 0-day report, which presented viable attack vectors for malicious hackers to exploit bugs.

Tweetbot for Mac had a small hiccup over the weekend, where it wouldn’t let new users authenticate with Twitter. Like many other Twitter clients, we later found out the app had fallen victim to Twitter’s token limits, and wasn’t even letting existing users log on. The issue was fixed after a few hours.

Asymco’s Horace Deidu has the numbers to say Apple paid developers more money than the box office in the US. Apple paid out $10 billion to developers last year, and apps is a huge chunk of iTunes revenue — bigger even than music and video combined.

John Siracusa is somewhat new to the iPhone game, but his home screen is reminiscent of many pros, right down to the all-black wallpaper, full page of apps without any folders, and plenty of Apple’s stock apps. He doesn’t use Notification Center widgets, and places his most-used apps right in the middle row of his iPhone.

IMore’s Peter Cohen has a guide on transferring data from your old PC to a new Mac, and it’s all made easy with Migration Assistant. You’ll need some kind of network connection between the two computers, and if you’ve got a lot of data to transfer or don’t want to do things the hard, slow, manual way, Migration Assistant can give you a hand.

A question I see all the time is “how do I get rid of duplicates from my iPhoto library?” Many guides advocate the manual, painful way, and although there are tools to eliminate duplicates, as Macworld advises, culling bad photos is mostly up to you.

Engadget wonders when Apple became the boring one. They say the Apple Watch is doing something different, but is neither truly unique or exciting. “Apple is the mid-2000s Microsoft. Its revenues are as healthy as ever, but it’s become a company that seems to make things just because it has to, that doesn’t take risks, that plays catch-up.”

Apple’s worst design ever, according to Fast Company, is the DVD player app from OS 9. It heralded the era of brushed metal at Apple, one we’d (and Jony Ive, I’m sure) would rather forget.

If “there’s a Notification Center widget for that” is the new “there’s an app for that”, there’s now a Notification Center widget edition of Minesweeper.

IMore runs through a few action extensions for the iPhone. Action extensions (the ones you can call up via the iOS 8 share sheet) are turning out to be a big deal for doing more in apps thanks to other apps, and iMore’s examples show off some of the best in the class.

Notable Replies

  1. Have you read any credible rumours lately about the likely cost of the Apple Watch? I’ve got a $100 Officeworks gift card I’ve been holding onto for about 6 months now and it’s starting to burn a hole in my pocket. I’m hoping it’ll be sub-$200 but I might be dreaming.

    On the topic of notification centre widgets, one of my favourits is KeyPad. It lets you enter phone numbers on your Mac and it’ll call that number via your iPhone. I’ve found it a very handy time saver.

  2. Angus says:

    You’re dreaming. Cheapest model is expected is around $349 in the US.

    Also FaceTime in Yosemite allows you to do the exact same thing. (Call a standard voice number via your iPhone.)

  3. No way I’m paying that for a watch, but that’s fine. Yeah I know Facetime does that, but it’s not nearly as convenient.

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