Tuesday Morning News

apple-campus-2-jan19-01The latest regarding Apple’s larger iPad is that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks the 12-inch tablet will be available with a stylus. Before you get all “if you see a stylus, they blew it” on me, he says the stylus will still be an optional accessory, just like those Apple Smart Covers you can get. But more importantly, if rumours of a stylus pan out to be true, it may mean the larger iPad is targeted a different market — one that’s more into Surfaces, if you get my meaning.

Apple’s latest shot of the Campus 2 construction progress shows a definite circular-structure taking shape. Demolition and street utilities are expected to wrap up this week, according to MacRumors, with construction well underway into this year and the next.

The Apple homepage today shows a picture of Dr Martin Luther King Jr along with the words “Today we reflect on the life and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the work that continues in service of the broader concerns of humanity”. It both explains why there wasn’t much Apple-related news this morning and why most of the blogs I follow are a little quieter than normal.

Apple is sending notices of termination of the contract between themselves and registered developers from Crimea, thanks to increasing tensions between Russia and the US over the country. Developers from Crimea can no longer create or publish apps on the App Store, and it seems Apple aren’t the only company to be cutting off developers from the region, at least according to TechCrunch.

Over at MacStories, Federico Viticci takes a look at two new options for joining screenshots. Both LongScreen and Tailor are design to put together a series of screenshots which go together, forming one long screenshot of that great Tinder conversation you had one time or a rant a friend sent you multiple iMessages about.

Regarding recent rumours of an ARM switchover, Rene Ritchie says Apple has been there, done that. But his piece isn’t about the jump from PowerPC to Intel, despite mentioning it in passing: no, he says that with every software release that’s filled with features, as buggy as they may be, means we’re one step closer to a release that’s based on crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

9to5Mac has suggestions on improving iTunes Radio. The service is only available in the US and Australia, but there’s plenty of other things that could be better without the headache of expanding internationally.

A multi-user iOS is just a pipe dream, but Dave Mark of The Loop has a few ideas on making it happen. A profile tied into Touch ID could well be the first step, he says.

The only way you do top charts when there are millions of apps is via automated algorithms, but what happens when those same algorithms get it wrong? An in-depth analysis of algorithmic glitches in the iTunes top app charts is a fascinating look at how computers slip up.

About boxes from vintage Mac software provide an interesting insight into how the developers described their own work. Some were spartan, others were a little more elegant.

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