Tuesday Morning News

11507-4453-150107-Henge-1-lThe latest beta of iOS 8.2 for the iPhone adds Apple Watch support and the confirmation of a separate app for Watch-related activities, writes 9to5Mac. A new prompt in the Bluetooth section of the Settings apps mentions pairing an Apple Watch with an iPhone, which shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise seeing as you’ll need an iPhone to do a lot of stuff with the Apple Watch. That said, there’s no sign of the Apple Watch app just yet, but it’s still a little for the Watch’s rumoured March release date.

With third parties ramping up their Lightning accessories, 9to5Mac also has a number of details regarding Lightning-compatible accessories. You’ll be able to charge from the Lightning port, but passthrough charging and syncing will also be possible, although you’ll be limited to one Lightning port per accessory. The idea is that Apple want fewer cables and accessories, not more.

Apple’s newest App Store feature focuses on Games for Kids, separated into the 5 and under, 6-8, and 9-11 age groups. There’s also an eBook telling parents about good app selection, giving them the how and why of using apps together with their kids.

After Apple launched the 14-day no-questions-asked return window for apps in Europe, I wondered how the system wouldn’t be ripe for abuse given you can download the app, get it refunded, then continue to use the downloaded copy. It turns out, if you do that too often your refunding privileges will be revoked, according to Touch Arcade.

Ars Technica reports DNS in OS X 10.10 Yosemite is broken. They say that random failures to resolve DNS names, duplicate machine names, and other network inconsistencies are all symptoms something isn’t right, thanks to a switch to a new DNS service called discoveryd. If you want, you can restore the older DNS system called mDNSResponder, and better yet, all of the major features of OS X Yosemite such as AirDrop and Handoff still work.

A study from the University of Missouri says that if you separate people from their iPhones, you can cause separation anxiety and affect cognitive performance in the individual. They measured the blood pressure of the participants and everything, so it must be true.

AppleInsider checked out the latest horizontal MacBook Pro dock from HengeDocks, who are possibly better known for their vertical offerings.

Anypass is a Mac app that seeks to imitate the features of AirDrop between iOS devices and Macs that aren’t compatible with the latter. It’s a zero-configuration utility that is the simplest way to transfer files between devices, Macworld says in their review.

The Mac Observer says you can view the history of songs identified by Siri, but not in the place you might expect. It’s buried within the iTunes Store app, but it’s definitely there.

Last but not least, iMore has a list of ten tips for taking great iPhone photos.

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