Tuesday Morning News

20150505_ipad_air_plus_leaked_renderIt all started with a post from Marco Arment saying Apple has lost the functional high ground. Arment says Apple are placing too much of an emphasis on marketing and PR, but that’s only half of the story: Apple’s moving too fast and spreading itself too thin, and yearly releases of OS X and iOS only exacerbate the issue. John Gruber’s take is that while Apple hasn’t lost the high ground just yet, the company has made an opening for potential competitors to come and take it from them.

And on the surface, it might seem like all this is only happening recently. At least that’s what this Hacker News comment suggests, due to Bertrand Serlet giving up the head of software engineering title to Craig Federighi. The truth is, while “it just works” has never been completely true as Arment writes, Apple isn’t exactly a stranger to high-profile software issues, as Daniel Jalkut recounts. TUAW’s Editor-in-chief says the problem lies, at least in part, with the low-priority of software bugs, not the fact that Apple are pushing out new and exciting features every other month.

MacRumors shoots down rumours of a new 4-inch iPhone. They say that even though many people prefer the form factor and slightly smaller screen of the iPhone 5 series, the supply chain says things probably won’t pan out that way.

The larger-screened iPad has been given a name, and the “iPad Air Plus”, as it’s been dubbed, could have more than two speakers. Four speakers is the current noise I’m hearing, with two on either side of the iPad, which should come with a screen that’s anywhere from 12 to 13 inches in size.

CES 2015 is bringing us all the latest in connected, HomeKit-compatible gadgets, and iDevices’ Switch is like a WeMo that works with Apple’s HomeKit. It’ll mean you can control heaters, or basically anything else that plugs into a regular power port, but here’s hoping the device doesn’t take too long to get to Australia.

A new lawsuit claims Apple is defrauding customers by advertising devices with more storage than they actually have. 16GB iPhones give about 12GB of usable space, and The Loop wonders if there’s an argument to be made here at all, much less a lawsuit.

The Verge takes a look at how ads might look on the Apple Watch, but that’s about the last thing I’d want on my wrist.

If you need to look for local files on your Mac, you probably look at them with Spotlight. But what about files on network storage, or on other volumes? Spotlight becomes borderline unusable, in those cases. Over at MacDrifter, Gabe looks at third-party search options for those who want to look elsewhere for files.

AppleInsider reviews the Adobe Ink and Slide, two accessories from Adobe who want to take iOS creation to the next level for creative artists.

Today’s Apple Watch commentary piece is from Jeremy Horwitz at 9to5Mac, who wonders how successful the Apple Watch will be. No Apple hardware product has truly been a “flop”, but there have been more than a few which fall into the category of a “near-hit”, whatever that is.

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