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18 (1)Another day, another app added to the Apple TV. But unlike almost every other app so far, this time around the app is actually relevant to Australians. The launch of the official Cricket Australia app for Apple TV gives Apple TV owners access to a library of HD cricket videos including archival and behind-the-scenes footage, as well as cricket skills tutorials. Those looking for live matches will still need to look elsewhere, however, as Channel Nine holds the rights to those — according to one spokesperson, bringing live matches to streaming platforms like the Apple TV is just something they haven’t considered.

9to5Mac has the exclusive on the companion app for the Apple Watch, which is already included on the latest beta of iOS 8.2, just hidden from plain sight. As their screenshots show, there’s a lot going on in the companion app, which allows you to do everything from manage and organise your Watch home screen, choose a monogram, as well as tons of options for Notifications, Maps, Messages, and more.

Apple’s latest granted patents include one granted from the acquisition of Kodak IP, as well as a new mountable camera that has left GoPro stock plumetting. Patently Apple’s take on the new mountable camera says it could include both traditional air microphones, but because of the assumed waterproofing of the device, might also include a hydraphone capable of recording sounds underwater.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will be diversifying its range of A-series chip suppliers next year, splitting A10 production between TSMC (who will produce the iPhone versions) and Samsung, who will manufacture the A10X iPad versions of the same. The news comes amidst rumours of Apple launching Macs with its own chip designs within the next 1-2 years.

John Gruber says Siri feels faster, both at interpreting input and returning results. It’s now on par with Google Now in terms of responsiveness, he writes, which vastly increases the usability of Siri as a personal assistant.

Audi’s latest innovation is a mobile key that uses NFC to unlock your car, working when your car remote batteries aren’t. Dave Mark of the Loop says there’s no reason why the Apple Watch couldn’t adopt this technology, but for that to happen, we’d kind of need NFC APIs first. Oh, and while we’re at it, some support for that kind of thing on the iPhone too, please.

The good news is, Belkin are planning to add HomeKit support to its wide range of WeMo products, and although the company has nothing to say on the matter at the moment, they’re working on it. Chances are, you’ll even be able to update your switches, plugs, and whatever else for HomeKit compatibility via a firmware update in the future.

The Mac mini now has an option for a 2TB Fusion Drive. The option is only available on the high-end Mac mini starting at $1,249, and adding the 2TB Fusion Drive pushes that up to $1,369, but at least it’s an option for those needing slightly more on-board storage.

Macworld has a few tips on making the most of the confusing mess that is the iTunes 12 interface. It’s maddening how some items are clickable in the playlist sidebar and how some aren’t, but the key to everything is context.

Curved Labs has a concept for a new kind of Mac: it has the 11-inch display from the MacBook Air, but it’s either a touchscreen or a traditional keyboard and mouse computer. It’s milled out of single piece of aluminium, pays homage to the original Mac, and looks really cool, if I do say so myself.

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