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11587-4647-Screen-Shot-2015-01-15-at-15231-PM-lApple’s decision to ship iBooks as a default app in iOS 8 caused controversy, according to MacRumors, because users can’t delete the default apps that come on an iPhone. But the numbers speak for themselves: the iBooks platform has added one million new users per week since the introduction of iOS 8, most likely as a result of the change. Users are looking at the app without even visiting the App Store, and while iBooks served as a useful introduction to App Store mechanics for new iPhone and iPad users once upon a time, more users are using iBooks to read content as a result of including it by default in iOS 8.

Apple has big plans for China, with five new Retail locations set to open before the end of February. Speaking to Chinese website Xinhua, Apple SVP of Retail and Online Angela Ahrendts said four of the stores would be in brand new cities. What’s more, Apple are also looking for Retail employees in 15 new locations.

An Apple patent for a multi-function input device overloads the home button on iOS devices and makes it a pop-up mini joystick, of sorts. AppleInsider writes such a home button would not only be able to function as a controller for games, but also a more precise input device, allowing for more precise cursor placement for those not accustomed to the touchscreen of the iPhone or iPad.

To be honest with you, I don’t see the appeal of curved displays. But then again, I’ve never used one for any extended period of time. Thomas Ricker of The Verge has, however, and he wants a curved iMac because the time for curved displays (particularly TVs) is now.

In light of recent posts from developers about the financial side of making apps and games, Marco Arment’s look at the sales numbers for his iOS podcast client Overcast says he’s making good money. He’s often said the only advantage his visibility gets him is a good launch, but it’s possible he doesn’t realise how good that is in an economy based on the fresh and the new.

Jim Dalrymple brings up a few good points regarding the success and failure of the Apple Watch — even if many people have a wait-and-see approach, they will be balanced out by those clamouring for an exciting new Apple product. And for every argument the Apple Watch will be a luxury item, there’s one person saying a watch is just a watch.

Speaking of the Apple Watch, Fast Company posted up a few designs about how Apple Watch apps would work.

In app-related news, Be My Eyes is a kind of social-FaceTime where you can help out a blind or vision-impaired person via live video chat. Kinda novel for helping total strangers, but I’d feel far too obligated to help someone out to use the app properly. Goofy, on the other hand, is a desktop client for Facebook Messenger.

You know what a Retina 5K iMac needs? A set of Retina 5K wallpapers, that’s what. Rob Griffiths cut up a few shots of the Andromeda galaxy and put together a very nice set. Bonus points if you grab them all, put them in a folder, and then have OS X rotate them automatically.

With a lot of discussion relating to the possibility of Apple moving to ARM-based chips in Macs, AppleInsider offers up five reasons why that might not be happening any time soon.

OS X Daily explains the mysterious, ambiguous, “Other” as found on OS X systems. It’s pretty much anything that isn’t an app, movie, photo, or music.

Stephen Hackett wonders what happened to the iPod touch. With recent iPad price drops making the tablets encroach on the price territory of the phone-less iPhone, there’s less reason to buy an iPod touch than ever before.

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  1. Angus says:

    I’ve used iBooks (since it was released). The issue I have with it now is I have a bunch of PDFs and non iBooks purchased content in there which blows out my backup out to over 10GB for some reason. In iOS 7 I could exclude this from backup (it was synced with iTunes on my Mac), now because it’s built into the iOS I no longer can.

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