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screenshot-2015-01-22-14-06-36Sources speaking to 9to5Mac have revealed the battery life of the Apple Watch. A powerful processor and high-quality display for Apple’s wearable contribute to significant battery drain, which leads to lower than expected battery life. While no concrete numbers are known, early estimates put the battery life at around 2.5 to 4 hours of app use, with around 2-3 days of standby/low power time.

And honestly, that doesn’t sound so bad. I mean, sure, wrist-worn activity trackers typically get around a week before needing to be charged, but they also can’t do as much as the Apple Watch can. Needing to recharge a connected smartwatch every day is perfectly acceptable, according to TechCrunch, and it’s not as if that’s worse than the current offerings of smartwatches out there (looking at you, Android Wear). Still, TUAW says we need to slow down the Apple Watch hype train, seeing as we know so little about the device.

Apple has unveiled even more details about its HomeKit program for connected devices, this time focusing on how devices can interact with other services and be compatible with HomeKit at the same time. While HomeKit-compatible accessories will mainly consist of units capable of connecting directly to iOS devices, there will be another set of devices compatible with HomeKit via a bridging system. Alternatively, products can also just provide data to HomeKit instead of allowing direct control.

Apple Board of Directors member Millard Drexler will be retiring at the end of his current term in March. His replacement has not yet been named by Apple. In other Apple-related employment news, a former senior control systems engineer at Apple is jumping to Ford to head up their R&D facility in Palo Alto.

The latest update to Logic Pro X is a big one, with Apple including new Drummer tracks that produce new beats in a variety of styles. The Loop has the full breakdown of all the new changes for audio professionals. Avid’s Pro Tools was also updated around the same time, with Pro Tools First being the first version of Pro Tools being offered for free. It isn’t available yet, but you can sign up to be notified when it is.

Samsung’s T1 Flash SSD doesn’t do anything a normal SSD in an enclosure doesn’t do, but the 500GB capacity makes it suitable for fast, portable, storage. However, there are a few teething issues that need to be worked out before it can be recommended to Mac users, as The Mac Observer found out.

Amazon’s Kindle Textbook Creator for Mac is now available in beta form, with the caveat that you can give books created with the tool away for free outside of Amazon, but can’t be sold. TUAW checks it out.

Shifts looks like a useful app for shift workers, with shift creation, scheduling, and Notification Center support to tell you what your upcoming shifts are. Shifts is $2.49 on the Australian App Store.

Macworld has the guide on verifying your Time Machine backup for integrity, but the command itself only works with Time Machine backups that aren’t connected to your local machine. If you backup to a Time Capsule or some other networked drive, this could be the difference between saying you’ve got a backup and knowing you do.

The latest SimCity has been released on the Mac App Store, complete with extra content and expansion packs. You don’t need an internet connection to play the game, but you will need Mountain Lion or later to run the title. SimCity Complete Edition is $49.99 on the Australian Mac App Store.

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