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apple-studio-display-primary-100536086-largeThrown out. That’s the final word from the iTunes DRM antitrust case that’s been ten years in the making, with the eight-man jury deciding iTunes 7.0 was an improvement, and thus finding in favour of Apple when it came to deciding if the company had acted anti-competitively. For the record, iTunes 7.0 did block competing DRM systems from working with iPods, but it all worked out alright in the end, and now Apple doesn’t have to pay a cool billion in damages.

Australians aren’t strangers to currency fluctuations, especially in cases where the App Store changes pricing in according with how the Aussie Dollar is doing compared the US one. Spare a thought for the Russians, then, as Apple has halted online sales in the region following extreme currency fluctuations — the Ruble has plunged more than 50% compared to the US Dollar over the past year.

MacRumors says a minor iOS update is in the works. IOS 8.1.3 has been spotted via logs, and will probably land before 8.2 hits sometime next year, just in time for the launch of the Apple Watch.

Apple and GT Advanced have reached a settlement in their ongoing case. The settlement gives GT Advanced a four-year timeframe to sell off its sapphire production equipment in order to pay back Apple, and while that means GT Advanced has well and truly kicked the bucket, it also means we might see someone else start up with sapphire production.

Recent Apple Pay developments have added over a dozen banks and retailers, which all adds up to the fact Apple Pay now supports 90% of credit card payments in the US. That’s not saying Apple Pay is accounting for 90% of credit card payments in the US (which would be completely, utterly, insane), but that Apple Pay now supports all the major cards and banks that make up 90% of US credit card payments.

MacStories checks out Group Text+ and Email+ from the developers of Launch Center Pro. The communication apps are designed to make talking with friends and colleagues faster and easier, featuring handy shortcuts, the ability to insert GIFs into conversations, and more. The extensions also let you chat with others, regardless of what you’re doing at the time. Group Text+ comes in at $2.99 on the Australian App Store, while Email+ is $3.99.

App Store search is broken, and if you do a search for “Twitter”, the first actual Twitter client comes in at number one, and then number 20. Then it gets dire: there’s another 6 from 50-60, by which time you’ve probably given up looking for iOS Twitter apps and gone outside, or something. I get that there’s 12 million apps in the App Store, but this needs attention from Apple.

Christopher Phin has an Apple Studio Display on his desk, and although it’s almost 14 times thicker than his MacBook Air and requires a cacophony of adapters to use it, he still uses it because he loves it.

9to5Mac rounds up a selection of the best bluetooth speakers from the likes of Bose, JBL, Beats, UE Boom, and more.

Over at iMore, Peter Cohen tells you how to install the preview of Windows 10 on your Mac without spending a cent. Grab a free copy of some virtualisation software, download the preview ISOs from Microsoft, and away you go.

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