Tuesday Morning News

apple-gift-backpack-1According to my sources, it’s the Apple litigation season. Apple’s appeal of last year’s ebooks anti-competitive ruling begun yesterday. The story so far is that Apple was found guilty of asking publishers to switch from a wholesale pricing scheme to an agency model, and Apple also negotiated a deal where publishers weren’t allowed to offer a better deal than those offered to Apple. Apple’s argument is based on the premise all this actually made for better competition, seeing as eBook pricing was already dominated by one retailer, Amazon.

Stock of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is improving in the US, according to one analyst, but still lags behind stock of the iPhone 5s last year. As for Australia, most of the models on the Apple Online Store still have a 1-3 business day lead time, although 128GB models still appear to be ready to ship in 5-7 business days.

Apple gives out gifts every Christmas to its employees, and this year, it’s a custom Incase backpack with an Apple logo on it. Not completely unexpected given the tight partnership between Incase and Apple, but it’s still a pretty cool gift. 9to5Mac says it’s a customised version of the Incase Staple Backpack.

The Mac Observer has a tip on deleting songs completely from an iTunes Playlist. If you select a song and hit delete in a playlist, all you’ll be doing is removing the song from the playlist, by default. With Command+Delete, you can remove that song from your iTunes library at the same time, and Command+Option+Delete nukes that song from orbit.

I’ve always wondered why iCloud has so many popups when you choose to sign out of the service, and iMore says the process is scarier than it should be. The series of dialog boxes asking you if you want to keep or remove your data from your computer is harrowing for unexperienced users, and you could very well end up with data loss if you don’t read them carefully.

Stephen Hackett’s state of Apple’s Mac software provides us with a good look at how Apple’s own software is going. Most of the apps were last updated in October or November to coincide with the release of OS X Yosemite, but there are some that haven’t seen updates since August.

Seth Clifford shows off his workflow for annotating a screenshot in iOS and deleting it. It combines a few steps into the one action, and while it can’t launch as part of an extension, it’s still incredibly useful for those doing work on iOS devices.

Duet, besides already being a game, is an upcoming app which wants to let you use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac. It works over USB instead of wireless, which means a lag-free experience, but we’ll have to see about that when it is released. In the meantime, there’s Foursquare for iPad for you to play with.

9to5Mac checks out two iOS gamepad controllers from Mad Catz, while TUAW leans towards the SteelSeries Status XL. All three sport a fairly similar design with minor differences, but the Mad Catz units seem to come with a holder for your iOS device.

Touch Arcade has a review of Papers, Please, on the iPad, which now comes with added nudity. I mean, nudity that wasn’t there when the game was released just before the weekend.

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